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Difficulty: Expert Monday, March 6, 2023

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CHAT LOG for Monday, March 6, 2023

12:44 am

Fun Expert ... easier than some of those Mediums from a few days ago :
2:29 am

If someone could just email me the java script to marc108@icloud.come I would appreciate it Thanks
7:10 am

7:53 am

Marc try this
7:56 am

To make it work for me p first paste this. javascript: for i1 i9 i for j1 j9 j if gridij.value ClearTinySquaresi,j for i1 i9 i for j1 j9 j if gridij.value ! var tmp_value gridij.value for k1 k9 k for l1 l9 l if gridkl.value if Math.ceili/3 Math.ceilk/3 Math.ceilj/3 Math.ceill/3 i k j l gridklminitmp_value -1 for i1 i9 i for j1 j9 j if gridij.value for k1 k9 k if gridijminik ! -1 gridijminik 1 else gridijminik 0 PopulatePuzzlegrid void0 And then go to the beginning of the URL and type JavaScript: For some reason when I try a copy/paste the beginning drops
9:37 am

I mailed the script to Marc and it worked.
9:37 am

@marc-- I sent the script to you
9:53 am

not too bad for an expert - x-wing helps solve it
2:31 pm

hap, type inn the javascript: and then do your paste