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Difficulty: Hard Friday, May 6, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Friday, May 6, 2022

12:23 am

If people are ignorant of the parameters of Wordle and yet are compelled to make judgments that it uses controversial words - then that is on them. A cursory Google search provides a complete list of acceptable guesses and potential answers. If people expect the answers to conform to their own arbitrary criteria - too bad. The game parameters are clearly defined - much the same way that the rules of Sudoku are defined. It is a zero sum game with fair rules and fairly challenging logic to solve. The fact that the potential answers are provided actually aid the player in developing strategies that enhance their ability to win. I find nothing controversial about that.
12:35 am

Done. A fun hard, also on the easy side
3:41 am

Its only controversial in my mind because it was designed by a welshman using English as the language and its a word most outside the US would not have heard. Personally Id rather just use m
3:42 am

words that I know or have heard rather than learn from a list. Still 100 from 100 so far.Its just a fun game, no need to take it too seriously, just enjoy the simplicity and speed.
3:56 am

I love the human side of it, invented to please his partner and in theses troubled COVID times shared for free around the world for everyone to play at the same time if they choose then do it all again the next day. So refreshing, not the usual money grabbing dont care who you upset, whats in it for me attitude.
6:47 am

I thought I had a Webster too, but could only find my Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary from 1974. It knows HOMER, but only as a Hebrew measure of capacity - roughly 11 bushels. An EN-NL dictionay from Elsevier in the 80s gives two more meanings: homing pigeon and Am homerun.
7:19 am

Youll have to learn a bit more Yanklish Mr O. Could be worse, you could have had an aussie invent it, then youd be in trouble if we included similar popular words, like garbo.
11:38 am

i found this hard - Hard!
6:34 pm

There are significant consequences to promulgating word games which promote questionable or entirely bogus words. I will post two examples in a moment. Neither example involves the making of judgements. Both focus on the process of learning the language.
6:35 pm

In the somewhat distant past, I and my immediate family in England would use Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary as the arbiter of acceptability in Scrabble. We learned a lot of new words and their meanings. Twenty years later I visited from my new home in America and we started playing Scrabble but the rules had changed. The official reference work was now the Scrabble Dictionary which contained no definitions. Admittedly the game moved faster but we now only learned whether certain words existed, not their meaning or usage.
6:36 pm

In present time, some of my friends are learning English as a second or third language. They find word games useful to keep the mind fresh while learning new vocabulary. They find it frustrating when a word game accepts a combination of letters for which they cannot find a definition in a good dictionary. They do not know what to believe.
6:41 pm

Perhaps real dictionaries will soon vanish altogether and we will be left with word lists. Or maybe just one universal list updated monthly as new word puzzles are published.