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Difficulty: Medium Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, May 4, 2022

12:16 am

Done. clickfest this was easier than most easy sudokus
12:18 am

Judy, the day after I posted that my first word is always adieu after which, if all the letters are grey, I go with story, I thought it was pretty funny that the NYT Wordle answer was story. I wish I was that lucky in everything else in my life.
12:24 am

Judy, I also use chump a lot. Ive never tried the other Wordles that you mentioned although I do Taylordle, which is the Taylor Swift wordle. My partner is a Swifty so we do it together, though my role is mostly strategy. The words are anywhere fro 4 to 9 letters long.
12:44 am

irv said it all ... very clickish Medium :
4:33 am

I also use the hard setting which means you must use what green and gold you have in the next guess.
4:42 am

7:58 am

loushka, I thought of you the day STORY was the Wordle answer. There
8:02 am

is a Daily Word Puzzle on Facebook that allows you to play Expert and Pro levels, using 6 or 7 letter words. My most often starting guesses for 6-letter word choices are PIRATE, CLOUDY, and BEFOGS, while I generally use PIRATES, BOUNDLY, and CHEWING for the 7 letter first-words. I seem to be better at guessing the longer word answers in 4 tries.
9:39 am

9:46 am

Judy, Im running out of stock words for the second guess with Wordle... Whenever all I get out of ADIEU is a yellow A I go with FORAY... which was the NYT word of the day back in April. I love the word BOUNDLY! You must be killer at scrabble.
11:20 am

fast clicker for a medium
12:48 pm

Except for the Medium trick, which wasnt very difficult, it was a fast clicker. 14.