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Difficulty: Medium Friday, April 29, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Friday, April 29, 2022

1:16 am

Done. Another clickfest
3:02 am

Seems odd that peeps would be upset by democracy, but hey there you go.
3:04 am

I suppose religion is out too! Can we do Dad jokes or is humour too much to hope for
3:08 am

I used to enjoy a lively discussion with intellectual people that have something to say. Social media clearly doesnt fit that bill, perhaps someone can offer a suggestion
4:17 am

easy medium
8:42 am

8:58 am

Maybe you are mixing with the wrong crowd. You could try moving to New Zealand.
9:06 am

These days all topics are political and most realm discussion have drifted into animosity.
10:47 am

found this one challenging
10:48 am

I agree with Mr O. It is nigh impossible to have a civil political discussion.
4:44 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. Needed a nap. Lots of virtuals. Pretty tough, Id say. 18.
6:30 pm

The most lively discussions tend to be spoken, in person and face-to-face. Forget social media and online chats. How about joining a group that interests you, or take a class, attend a lecture, go to a concert or take a trip, and do things like that on your own so you expand your opportunities for discussions with people you just happen to meet.We sometimes forget the power of creating possibilities and then just allowing things to play out naturally.