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Difficulty: Hard Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, December 8, 2021

5:09 am

dng but one mistake
8:43 am

Bleah, been through this one three times, keep coming up with errors. I think the UR Im finding midway through may be the problem.
9:05 am

Yup, it was the UR. I thought that if you had a rectangle of XY, XY, XY, XYZ, the Z is always true... but apparently not.
10:48 am

Got it - I recall we had a discussion several years back concerning UR. Based on todays puzzle, I have to admit I was incorrect in my understanding and cannot rely on UR as always reliable. First time I have seen this.
1:12 pm

spellacked ... for your pattern to work every time the necessary condition is the Xy Xy are in the same box ... in that case the Z will be correct ... ... if the Xy are in different boxes it is still possible to preserve the uniqueness of the solution by having one of the Xs determined by the fixing of the other numbers in one of the boxes in which case the Z need not necessarily be correct ...
2:34 pm

Done. took ssome thinking
7:13 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. It was way hard. 22.