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Difficulty: Hard Thursday, October 14, 2021

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, October 14, 2021

12:23 am

Fun fairly easy Hard ... for me :
12:55 am

aardvark, I have that problem too. I sometimes keep puzzles I havent finished a tab on my browser for weeks. I dont turn my computer off because I lose all of my greens and reds. when I turn it back on. Any chance this might be fixed, Dr. God
5:18 am

thats a problem that is months old. We tried everything like cleaning the cache, but nothing seems to work. The most annoying side effect is that it sometimes replaces greens with a 1, not a picture not found symbol.
5:19 am

dng, not to hardbut slow
5:46 am

Done. Fun medium, a little slow starting out, then fast clicking
6:05 am

Done. Very easy Hard
6:41 am

6:54 am

no tricks or guesses required
9:09 am

Dont understand the weird changes. No parentheses or question marks. Erratic behavior of greens and reds. Seems very odd. Maybe the site is being hacked, perhaps by someone who was kicked off the chat a while back. Too bad because it has wrecked the experience for me at least.
9:16 am

The parens/question marks Im betting was an update to a server-side library for data protection -- google Bobby Tables for an example of what can go wrong. But there are better ways to handle it, e.g. backslash-quoting:
9:17 am

note, backslash quoting didnt work, the previous message should have showed either backslash, backslash, backslash, question or if the quoting was used just a backslash and question mark
9:19 am

But in any case, this isnt likely a sign of being hacked, its a sign that software packages got updated that affected code that uses it.
11:37 am

lots and lots of 2s and 6s
11:41 am

tedious but no hard tricks required.
11:43 am

Concerning the problems people are experiencing. I am thinking the server needs rebooting. He did this several years ago and it started producing a better variety of puzzles. This might correct the save issues that are occuring.