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Difficulty: Hard Monday, May 24, 2021

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CHAT LOG for Monday, May 24, 2021

12:13 am

Fun Hard ... fairly easy :
12:39 am

Done. Some Mediums were more difficult than this Hard
5:21 am

dng - time for coffee
10:53 am

a little tricky but no hard techniques needed
11:01 am

wasnt much harder than an easy
2:04 pm

does anyone have recommendations for books or websites that teach sudoku technique i can never complete puzzles past easy or medium level.
3:30 pm

angelica, sometimes you just have to take it as far as logic and deduction will take you. Then examine what patterns are trying to form and then take your best guess. It often works out that your first guess is the right one. If not, you have one more clue to work with. Have fun
3:54 pm

@angelica - my favorite Sudoku book: Mensa Guide to Solving Sudoku. Explains the logic from easy techniques to expert techniques. Well organized and easy to understand.
3:58 pm

I dont think theres a dimes worth of difference between your best guess and your worst guess. Estimates of probability doesnt seem to be a factor as to right or wrong. What looks like the most productive guess seems to, more often than not, be the wrong guess. A binary guess -- one of but two possibilities -- will set you straight if it proves to be contradicted. But if it just proves indecisive, youre into a guess tree, and that is no fun. A tri-part guess, one out of three possibilities, may prove to be more informative. But I hate guessing. Its like giving up the power of reason.
4:08 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. Just needed a nap.
4:10 pm

I never guess - If I cant solve it trying all the techniques I know, then it remains unsolved. Sometimes I will print out a really challenging one and then use my book to see if an advanced techique solves it, but even then, I find some unsolvable for me.
4:48 pm