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Difficulty: Easy Friday, November 13, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Friday, November 13, 2020

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ez ez
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cj-a39 we all have our own unique set of needs according to our lifestyle. What's interesting to me is what you haven't said. I'm guessing you spend a lot of time doing mental gymnastics rather than physical exercise.
7:23 am

In 1974 Harvard published a voluntary self study of students' habits and then kept a running dialog tracking each of them until they died. I took a course on gerontology at UMaine that spent a semester on this study. Your response reminded me of how these students viewed themselves. On the whole it was subjective at best and not very scientific. One student complained of the stress in his difficult living arrangements. He had been forced to return to live in his parents' mansion. I'm not making light of his comments. He lives in a world I'm unfamiliar with.
7:28 am

Boston University and Northeastern have a joint ongoing study comprised only of centenarians from all walks of life, 100 yrs old or older is their only criteria. The results so far show little correlation with smoking, drinking and other questionable habits. We are who we are.
7:46 am

Criterium? Mis Barnes my HS Latin teacher will haunt me in my dreams tonight.
8:37 am

My Uncle Arthur never smoked or drank, was assiduous in his eating habits, maintained a gym membership and walked 5km three times a week. When he died at age 64 several people passing his coffin were heard to remark, "I've never seen Arthur looking so good."
11:29 am

Jackt I walk a couple miles almost every day even tho I have a bad knee.
11:32 am

Have always been active. Less now after hitting 80. And no, I don't weigh 250. haha I stay below 140. I
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An interesting way to exploit a unique rectangle. 18.
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Love the story, Angie! I have such good long life genes I am worried about lasting too long.
7:16 pm

As we are all now listening to the scientists and not the salesmen, if anyone is interested, is a very interesting read. Proof is in the pudding, or rather lack of them!
10:47 pm

Phil, I think you meant

Each of the videos has a citations section further down on the page. The research behind the NutritionFacts presentations is just a click away.
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Easy-Easy :)