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Difficulty: Easy Monday, November 9, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, November 9, 2020

12:15 am

Done. Easy easy.
12:52 am

Done Must need sleep had to start again
11:20 am

3:11 pm

Lately at 77, I look around and take stock. The men in my family pass in their sixties. so I'm good. I've exceeded my sell-by date and outlived my father and kid brother by ten years. Women here continue on until well into their nineties. My only suggestion for you is to learn to restrict your diet. Do this for you. It's hard, I know, but there are alternatives. I fast for four days at a time periodically. This ketogenic diet is good for the body to cleanse and repair itself, but it's definitely not for everyone. It kills off the bad biotics in the gut biome, the yeasts and molds, but we still need the good bacteria to manufacture the vitamins and progenitors we can't get in foods. The one diet I've found the best bar none is to go 60% all frozen organic fruits and 40% fresh veggies, with no meat, no dairy, no soda or ice cream. No other limitations or restrictions. Eat as much as you want. You'll realize immediate improvements in health, regular sleep and mental alertness. The pounds will fall off and after a while you won't crave sweets at all. Do you suffer from sleep deprivation, anxiety or depression? They are endemic in the elderly community. Give it a try.
3:53 pm

Jakt - Where do you get protein in that diet? It sounds intriguing but I must have protein in my diet.
3:54 pm

Btw - I eat no ice cream. I have not had a soda or sugar drink in more that 2 years. Only drink water and coffee-black. But not sure how I would get enough protein in just fruits and veggies
5:40 pm

jackt, good on you. The more research they do the more beneficial a plant based diet is proving life saving. By far the big issue of course is processed foods and sugar, get rid of them, eat plenty of veggies, a few serves a week of fish (not fried of course) and a balance of fresh fruit. Red meat once a week, a bit of free range chook if you can get it (tastes so much better) the odd glass of red, coffee once a day, minimal dairy and as you so rightly say make sure the gut biome is healthy. I'm no angel but the missus keeps me on track - mostly
8:44 pm