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Difficulty: Easy Monday, September 28, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, September 28, 2020

12:22 am

Easy easy.
2:02 am

very easy
7:06 am

Done 2 min puzzle
11:12 am

Pickled onions are small onions - in Dutch we have a special name for those onions before they are pickled: silver onions. They are just the normal onions (allium cepa) but they are cultivated in a special way: (a) very close to each other so that they cannot become bigger and (b) +- 5 cm below the surface so that they are not coloured green but remain white.

This evening I use them in a classical French recipy: fine green peas braised in chickenstock with fried silver onions and some small bits of (lightly) smoked "speck". When most of the moisture is gone, cool it a little bit and add a large portion of finely sliced hearts of lettuce. Add pepper but no salt.

Bon Appétit !

11:23 am

That sounds incredible.
1:38 pm

MrO, sounds wonderful. I have the onions, peas and lettuce in my fall (Northern Hemisphere) garden and I am always looking for new ways to use my vegies. Tonight it will be Risotto with Greens (kale & spinach) and peas.
2:57 pm

Easy clicker :)
3:06 pm

@CLG47 -the recipe is at least 400 years old, because it appears in a cookbook from the court of Louid XIV (1673). There they use cream, not stock. If you want a vegatarian version, you might use cream and replace the meat by salted capers.
3:07 pm

4:33 pm

done: clickfest today and not bad for yesterday's - HAGD all
11:39 pm

spek, not speck, MrO