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Difficulty: Hard Monday, August 10, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, August 10, 2020

12:27 am

Done played more like an easy
4:54 am

TRUMP 2020!!
4:57 am

4:59 am

you're a better man than me, mr o. not only did i have to use greens, i kept staring at them hoping they'd get greener.
5:11 am

5:22 am

@moedog - I did a lot of staring too, until I found a place for the 3 in a certain row, that implied a pair somewhere else that got me an 8 and a 9 and then everything else :-)
5:37 am

Dr Who, "george floyd was mistreated" No, he was murdered. Violent demonstrators, No, White supremacist provacateurs. When the Goon Squads were absent the protesters were peaceful. Grafitti is not violence. Antifa is not an organized group. They do not start violence. They stand up to fascists, a lot like my father in the Pacific. You are defending fascists and fascist tactics.
5:39 am

Fake News again from the right. White people are more likely to be killed by police than black people.\nresearch-is-clear-white-people-are-not-more-l\nikely-than-black-people-to-be-killed-by-polic\ne/
5:40 am

In case I missed something on my extended absence. Remove \n from below link.
5:41 am

When you follow and support a serial liar you tend to repeat the garbage that comes out of his mouth.
5:42 am

"George Floyd was mistreated" unbelievable. Not reading someone their rights is mistreatment. Putting your knee on someone's neck until after they are dead is murder. Cold Blooded Murder.
5:45 am

It is the right wing that blows up federal buildings and churches. It is the right wing that supports neo-nazis and the KKK. Don't even start with the Dixiecrats of the Democratic party pre JFK, RFK, and LBJ, they are all Republicans now. Antifa fights against hate. Equating them with the Proud Boys or the Boogaloo Boys is ridiculous. It is a false equivalence.
6:05 am

When someone says "More white people are more likely to be killed by police than black people", what are they actually saying? They are saying "Why are black people complaining about being killed by police?" "White people are more likely to be killed by the police." WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED BY POLICE! Fascism pure and simple.
6:10 am

Black Lives Matter == All Lives Matter this is why there are so many non people of color marching. They get it, unfortunately and obviously many of our fellow citizens do not.
6:17 am

Anarchy is a word that has been misused by those in power. The prefix An means against. the suffix archy refers to systems. Monarchy, Oligarchy, but not Democracy, because Democracy is a bottom up majority rule system whereas Monarchy and Oligarchy are top down rule by the few systems.
9:45 am

Last week Trump said in the next two weeks he will sign an executive order making insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions. He said this has never been done before. Who is going to tie themselves in knots trying to claim it wasn't done under the ACA? Why did he run away from the podium when he was asked why he keeps lying about passing Veterans Choice when it was passed 2 years before he was elected?
9:47 am

You wonder why Tucker and Sean say that liberals think conservatives are stupid? Sturgis 2020.
10:04 am

2000+ more americans dead from coronavirus in 24 hour period August 6-7. Trump, we are doing a great job. New York State lowest death rate and number of deaths since start of pandemic. We didn't listen to the president. Sturgis potential super spreader event with attendees returning home all across the U.S. unbelievably stupid.
10:06 am

kaosangel is loving this because that is who he is. I would have thought a couple others here would have seen through the lies by now. But I guess it is hard to quit a cult once your in deep enough.
10:14 am

The Chatterbox box seems to have become a monologue. What went wrong?
10:24 am

I'm back. hehe. I'm done for today though.
10:40 am

Tuco, you have proved that some people are beyond comprehension
11:43 am

Not a Hard. Pretty easy. 14.
11:53 am

tuco for president - or better yet - king of the world!!! He knows all, sees all, anticipates all, and educates all. What would we do without him????
12:07 pm

I found yesterday's medium much more difficult than today's hard. I blame conservatism.
1:04 pm

done - could not tackle yesterday's medium - i'll keep it for a better day
2:49 pm

Yup, easy Hard :)
6:55 pm

Tuco - I've recently had to take a # of transport rides, as I'm having a hip replacement tomorrow. Unlike what many of you may think of me, I'm a very pleasant extrovert, my gift has always been that people, complete strangers tell me things. That proved extremely helpful when I was a Clinical Psychologist. Fast forward to these rides. Each person that's picked me up has been black. Once I feel we have a really good rapport happening, I say the following: "I would like to ask you a personal question. You don't have to answer it if you don't want, up to you. Black Lives Matter, yay or nay. I get strange looks in the rear view mirror, and their answer is always 'Yay.: I say to them, that my personal point of view is 'Nay.' For one, it tends to segregate blacks even further. I tell them it's not a black problem, it's a worldwide problem: All lives matter. They all seemed to mull that over. Except one guy, who immediately related the subject of all the young wanna-be gangsters, who were trying to make a name for themselves. He shared with me that it's not at all like the old times, when there used to be a chain of command. That is all gone, either dead or in jail. He further went on to tell me that a Big Boss was soon to be released from jail after 30 years sentence. My driver wisely told me that it would be better for him to stay in jail, because once he came out, every 2-bit nobody was going to take him down, just for the 'street-cred.' This is what we need more of - honest black/white dialogue.
7:14 pm

8:35 pm

8201girl, please explain why you think I am misguided? It is important to enter debate with those whose views are different to our own, likewise their cultures and beliefs.
8:42 pm

Au contraire, Phil, many people believe it is important to keep one's own counsel and to use one's voice sparingly and strategically.
9:36 pm

It's a shame when we used to spend so much time engaging with others. I have fond memories of spirited passionate discussions of young people explaining why they are oppressed and why they should be listened to. In some parts of the world there is clearly a lack of empathy and willingness to listen to others.
9:36 pm

10:06 pm

well HK I am assuming you are white. I think if you believe that BLM segregates the races further and isn't meant in the same spirit as the "I am a man" placards from the 60s then you would think it segregates people. My belief is they are asking that their lives matter no differently than anyone elses. This is what scares white people. They believe if POC are treated equally they will lose something. Or POC will start treating them like they have been treated by us.
10:07 pm

Good luck with your surgery HK
10:40 pm

Thank you tuco for your well wishes. I will tell you something: All children are born color-blind. I grew up in an extremely segregated neighborhood (in some cases this is the best possible thing, I will argue that point until I die). My mother would take me downtown a few time a year, so she could go dress shopping. There were ALL kinds of people there. I never thought twice about it, probably distracted by the pigeons, the guy with the monkey & the 3-Card Monty guy. I never noticed the people were of all different colors. I vividly remember when I became aware of color. My parents & I were watching the March on Washington. I was 5. I asked my father, what are all those people doing there? Very gently he explained about protests, what that meant, the goals, and then he said all these black people want the same rights white people have. I turned back to the TV and scoured the crowd, no such thing as color TV back then. And lo & behold, to my great surprised almost all of those people were black. My parents were well traveled immigrants. That was the first time I heard him say, "If things don't change drastically in this country, maybe not in my lifetime, but definitely in yours, there will be a race war in this country. PS. You are correct, I am white. I am the daughter of slaves. I share this with black people, always have to include a little history & geography for background & they are always legit stunned. This really helps narrow the gap between us.