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Difficulty: Expert Saturday, August 8, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, August 8, 2020

12:21 am

Done, one guess.
12:31 am

a UR solves it
2:21 am

Phil can I get your source on what you think is happening in Portland? Trump 2020!
5:43 am

ng/ng - simple coloring solved it
6:37 am

@Denise - as all western countries, we get our information from newspapers, television and internet. But contrary to the US and UK, our press is less partisan and we (at least in the EU) can also read several other languages beside ourr native language. Let's take as an example Die Zeit, a rather conservative Germna newspaper, how they covered Portland:
7:46 am

Done 1guess solved it
9:28 am

Surprisingly easy expert
9:54 am

There's so much footage Denise.
9:56 am

As there was ay other shameful incidents like the Aussie female reporter and cameraman that were assaulted filming a standoff at another incident, Trump even tried to deny it initally
10:05 am

i'm with you Denise !!!!
10:11 am

He can't even pronounce Thailand Ellenz!
10:12 am

Watched a great film this evening - Freedom Writers. True story. Or is that fake news too Ellenz.
10:24 am

11:31 am

done ng, easy for an expert - onward to february 2020, slowly catching up ☺
1:34 pm

1:47 pm

No Phil, we do not all welcome the prospect of the NRA being dissolved. The NRA is one of if not the most effective defender of Americans' 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. And Phil, stop starting political arguments in this forum.
2:40 pm

Oh, B.T.W. for Phil and any of the rest of you misinformed people out there, the "peaceful protesters" in Portland and other cities are smashing windows, stealing iPhones, cutting brake lines on police vehicles, blinding law enforcement officers with lasers, burning buildings and killing people.

Now let me stipulate that there were protesters with good intentions, but their peaceful protests were hijacked by Marxist thugs.
2:58 pm

So with the geniuses on the Minneapolis city council (and other cities too) saying that the solution to the problem is to defund the police is it any wonder that we are grateful to the NRA for defending our right to keep and bear arms?
3:11 pm

That was one easy Expert :)
3:44 pm

Phil, my apologies for blaming you for starting the political debate. I haven't been here for a while and so your comments were the first I saw, but now that I'm catching up on previous puzzles I see the politics has been going on for several days at least.
4:48 pm

Quite easy. Maybe should have been called Easy. But it had a new way to exploit an incomplete unique rectangle that was fun. 16.
8:31 pm

Tuco, I just can't let this pass. If New York is doing so well, why do they have a 6% fatality rate, almost 4 times the 1.6% rate for Florida which everyone in the fake news business agrees is doing a horrible job? And the raw numbers: Florida population 21.5 Million, deaths 8,238; New York poulation 19.5 Million, deaths 25,195.
8:43 pm

And yes I know the statisics for the last 7 days show a different story. But this probably partially validates the models (which got the numbers horribly wrong) that predicted that the number of cases and fatalities would be roughly the same regardless of the method of containment employed. The point of aggressive containment was to flatten the curve, not reduce the total number of cases, just keep the burden on health care facilities manageable. Both Florida and New York have done that, and so has every other state as far as I know.

So it appears to me the insistence on aggressive containment policies now are just a raw power grab by government. And Phil, I really feel sorry for your compatriots in Melbourne, where they have a regular police state tyranny in full bloom.
9:00 pm

Mr O: I read the Die Zeit article, and it does not appear very even handed to me, though probably much better than the US press as you say. They talked about the violent use of Federal officers, which is true, but it leaves out the reason. They make no mention of the violence of the protesters. Every night for the last 2 months after dark the "protesters" gather at the Federal Courthouse in Portland with the goal of burning it down. There are people in the crowd with lasers, attempting to blind Federal officers. There are people with fireworks which they launch at the Courthouse. When officers try to arrest the trouble makers they are impeded by "peaceful protesters". If the apparently peaceful protesters are being treated roughly by the Feds, it's because they are accomplices of the violent "protesters".