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Difficulty: Medium Sunday, March 15, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, March 15, 2020

1:08 am

more difficult than the "expert" yesterday.
2:57 am

Happy to HK. It does seem he's on a different planet to the rest of the world!
3:02 am

Penguin, it's a classic example of why you have to have free access to emergency medicine for everyone. You can't have people having to go to work when they are sick because they can't afford medical treatment, and in this example they will then be likely to infect many many others.
3:06 am

I actually think that maybe it will be a wake up call to all of us, as to why we need to be more respectful and compassionate to others anywhere in the world, and ultimately, to actually refocus on what is important in our lives. Food, clean water and heating/cooling, and social interaction face to face. Let's start taking care of each other and stop mistreating others.
3:06 am

3:08 am

pause, got to dash to the shops
4:24 am

Back to it
4:39 am

5:22 am

Every political leader in the world relies on the people surrounding him/her to provide accurate information on any situation. If that information is inaccurate or an outright lie, then whose lie is it? You try to surround yourself with people you can rely on but how do you know if they themselves are being deceived by their own advisors? In Utopia a leader would know everything about everything, but that is not the real world.
6:14 am

Phil, I agree.
6:15 am

not every leader, Judy. Some leaders rely on people surrounding them to confirm their biases and inflate their egos
6:19 am

Judy, one of the responsibilities of a head of state is to hire/select those who provide information to them. If that leader lies the leader is responsible. The late President Harry Truman did NOT have a sign on his desk that said "The buck stops somewhere else." Like the captain of a ship, the leader of a nation is responsible.
7:40 am

you could say the leader is just a puppet, they say what ever thier advisors tell them to. After all teh " advisors" are specilists in their feilds. Most heads of state have no experience in governing.
7:49 am

But Judy, your president was being told the information, he just chose to tell it differently because he didn't want to spook the market and like climate change he dismissed it as someone else problem. The experts had to correct what he said after the speaches. We heard both bits in Australia, did your news channels not tell you that bit?
7:51 am

And you clearly have a leader who only wants yes men surrounding him and really really doesn't't take criticism well. Of you didn't believe he was incapable before, surely you must now. He's put so many millions of lives at risk unnecessarily.
8:48 am

I don't usually like much of the rubbish on fake book but this is pretty on point. http://m.facebook/story.php?story_fbid=101596\n17985268452&id=238182898451
10:31 am

2:56 pm

Judy. Are you defending Trump? Because not 1/2 hour later Google released a statement, basically saying maybe he had the idea down, but he exaggerated everything about it. If I were president, and a company came to me & said, "We have a plan to do this wonderful thing during this horrible crisis & we're going to pay for it, because it will cost millions," I'm pretty sure I would remember the specifics. Nope, then he had the AIDS gal, he made her lie as well. She presented the plan, but didn't elaborate that it hadn't even reached the trial stage, whereas the president was saying, any day now - nationwide. Blatant lie. On national television. For everyone to hear. Also Judy, who do you think put those advisors in place? None other than Trump. Haven't you noticed the revolving door for all his appointees? He has them lie for him, they lie, they get caught, he says 'bad appointee' & out the door they go. He is the root of the problem any way you look at it. Your argument is not valid.
3:27 pm

Toxic world is here again....congratulations
8:59 pm