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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, February 27, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, February 27, 2020

1:39 am

Oh. I didn’t know you could change the numbers for animals. Just tried it. Amazing how much harder it made the puzzle!
1:53 am

Sad but true M3.
1:54 am

TM, It was unwise of him yet he thought he could garner thei cheers he craves by ingratiating himself in that way, He just couldn't even do that properly.
1:58 am

Kaosangel, please do tell why you think I wrote nonsense. It's a bit like Trump telling the world anything other than his tweets are fake news, yet not listening to the truth. You need to have reason and evidence to back up your side of a debate.
2:03 am

2:38 am
Grandma Barb

It's hard enough for me with letters instead of numbers.
5:02 am

Phil, I have learned long ago that arguing with leftist is akin to arguing with my dogs, that is to say a waste of energy. The fact that you state we have an unbiased media is sufficient to put you so far left as to be outside of the threshold for rational discussion whereas there is a chance of opinion shift. Trump will win. There are growing numbers realizing that while he is uncouth, he loves our country and has accomplished more than any president in modern times. Yet, our 'unbiased' media fails to mention any of it. I like your posts here, they are a precursory laugh before I go read the comedy relayed as news at MSNBC. Please don't stop. Trump 2020.
5:19 am

He may have accomplished more than some of his predeccessors, but from this side of the Atlantic, they don't look like good things. Pulling pout of the Paris agreement on climate change, removing environmental protection legislation are the first 2 that spring to mind. Pretty much every other country on the planet with the ability to do so is strengthening environmental protection legislation, and doing their level best to meet the terms of the Paris agreement, some countries going beyond it.
6:44 am

6:48 am

I have only one question about the Paris agreement, in what year does China and India have to meet the terms of this agreement.
7:21 am

Fascinating that people will spend their time responding to Tuco's self-avowed alter ego kaosangel.
7:24 am

China and India both signed and ratified in 2016. the actual treaty needed a minimum of 55 countries to ratify it, before it could come into effect. The actual legal treaty applies to all signatories in 2020. this means it is now mandatory for 175 countries to start cutting carbon emissions to make sure global temperatures do not rise above 2 degrees celsius. Did you know that the USA emits 17.89% of all carbon emissions? India is responsible for just 4.10% China is the biggest polluter at 20.09%. However, many of the big clothes brands should take some responsibility, as they have the products they sell worldwide made in China. If they changed their practices, China's emissions would fall.
11:49 am

I agree digondda. The changes he's made have been harmful and negative. Here's what's gonna break him - the coronavirus. He's said precious little about it, except that the Democrats are behind it and has put Pence in charge of dealing with it. That would be Dr. Pence, I presume? Nope, he sure doesn't want to get his hands dirty when a REAL crisis comes along.
12:50 pm

Mostly easy, but I got stuck for a while. 15.