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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, February 25, 2020

1:38 am

Done Took much for this easy. Maybe I need more sleep.
3:01 am

4:47 am

5:05 am

5:16 am

ding, tricky little easy
5:19 am

How pathetic that POTUS can't take the time to learn the correct pronunciation of famous Indian Cricket players. They are more respected than he is and yet he shows his typical lack of courtesy towards them.
5:55 am

Phil, you needn't have typed so many words. POTUS pathetic is sufficient.
1:03 pm

Phil, thanks for sharing a clue as to the number one priority in your Trump improvement program. Is it OK with you if the rest of us Americans concentrate on learning to pronounce politically significant names like Thunberg rather than what you claim to be a big name in some foreign cure for insomnia?
1:03 pm

I think it's good to keep a list of his numerous deficiencies. When I talk about how he's single handedly plummeted the status of the USA, what Phil is saying is exactly what I'm talking about. It's just plain good manners.
1:04 pm

Yes, TallMike. We expect that of a president.
1:05 pm

1:06 pm

Yes, we as a people. Definitely. Ever hear of protocol?
1:09 pm

But which we? Which people? Do you mean some of us?
1:13 pm

What is your problem here? "We the people . . ." long document to follow. All of us. But thanks for showing, yet again, how divided we are, how low we've sunk. Gee, if people have trouble pronouncing 'Thunberg' - I don't even know where to go with that. Cut defense drastically, move it all to education.
1:48 pm

Sorry - I didn't realize you were writing as though you helped to author the Constitution, or are otherwise qualified to speak for the entire US population. What a wonderful rhetorical device! Too bad it means nothing in serious debate.

Thunberg is a Swedish name and has a Swedish pronunciation. People with real respect learn to say it the way she says it, even if American journalists immediately anglicize it. The two versions sound distinctly different.
1:57 pm

You're being excessively rude today.

#1. A person need not write the Constitution to understand it and live by it. My parents both fought an entire war, when they came here, it seemed like a great thing to them - then Kennedy was shot.

#2 Thanks for the prolonged, yet unnecessary, speech about Sweden and pronunciation. My long time baby sitter was from Sweden, hence I learned a good bit of Swedish as a kid, making me almost tri-lingual. It's this country, so USA-centric, that not many people bother to look and see there is an entirely different world out there. Still not that hard to pronounce.
2:42 pm

TallMike, you should try out mindfulness meditation. It reduces stress levels and helps you regulate your emotions.
3:24 pm

Easy. 14.
4:57 pm

You guys need to chill out. Put a few numbers in, take your mind off of the drudgery of the real world.
7:39 pm

Mispronounce "Thunberg"... How dare you!!!
11:22 pm

I think coming on a sudoku site to criticize our president is pathetic. Trump 2020!