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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, February 4, 2020

12:19 am

Done Super fast clicker 2
3:50 am

That's not entirely what I meant. It is, among other things, this, a quote from a recent tweet by a Brit living abroad.

"In some EU countries the reputation of the British has deteriorated substantially among the business community. They are known as untrustworthy, unreliable as partners and backstabbing. Is that the image Britain wants to portray in the world?"
9:27 am

MrO, I now understand even less of what you mean. Your first stab was at the amorality of "Anglo-American capitalism" and the second targeted the deteriorating reputation of the British in "some EU countries." All very vague.
9:53 am

amoral or immoral? To me, cheating, bribing and corruption" are immoral. And are there degrees of amorality, i.e. " amoral that..."? Is capitalism amoral or unmoral? In some ways of thinking, it seems immoral (e.g. in a communistic economy).
11:39 am

Fast clicker all the way. 7.
11:39 am

12:21 pm

In terms of the British, we are probably only a United Kingdom in name only. The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish people are increasingly unhappy about being governed by Westminster politicians. Especially politicians who are untruthful, and whose policies are very divisive. The whole country has become less tolerant and fair minded over the last 5 years. Very sad indeed.