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Difficulty: Expert Monday, February 3, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, February 3, 2020

12:14 am

Done not to difficult no guesses
6:06 am

7:58 pm

8:20 pm

channelled the hidden inner workings of my brain and got it first time
8:22 pm

And isn't it so sad MrO. And they have the cheek to complain about paying tax when they strive so hard to avoid it, and only became so successful because they cheat the worlds peoples of tax that they should have paid.
8:43 pm

Let's keep in mind you all are talking about the 1%. The rest of us have to actually work - so we can get a paycheck which is taxed before you get it, so we can buy food, which is taxed, to buy other thing, which if we sell them, we should be collecting a tax on as well & paying it to the government. Then we pay taxes for the property we live on, even though the home has been completely paid for. We, the workers, have neither the time, energy or resources to work hard to avoid paying taxes. Trump is a perfect example. And clearly, many people admire him and want to be him.
10:41 pm