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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, January 30, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, January 30, 2020

4:43 am

Would they not need to do the puzzles under each log in? Why would anyone be bothered doing that just to chat under different names?
8:51 am

Phil, I guess you weren't following closely back when tuco revealed that he had also been posting as kaosangel, an entirely different persona. Sometimes tuco and kaosangel had contributed to the same discussion, usually expressing opposite viewpoints. You are correct that different log-ins would have been necessary. As to the motivation for such behavior, one might surmise that someone aspiring to hone their Sudoku skills would feel a sense of loss on completing all the available puzzles. A second log-in would allow for starting again with a clean slate. In other words, chatting under different names was probably not the original purpose of the second identity - or the third identity, if my theory about Jerry is correct. Anyone can view the current scores of the three identities by clicking on Rankings and searching for their names. The current scores are: tuco 09957, kaosangel 10516, Jerry 10517.
10:39 am

easier than figuring out who's who in sudoku :0
11:42 am

done - easy peasy
11:57 am

for the record I have no aliases or extra logins for IronSudoku or Babble.
1:29 pm

1:32 pm

Mostly fast clicking. 10.
1:41 pm

Seems to me some one or ones have WAY too much time on their hands.....
1:43 pm