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Difficulty: Expert Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2:39 am

Jerry, you remind me of a time when liberals and conservatives could call each other liberal or conservative and it didn't sound like they were cussing at each other. it was more of a feeling of perspective than of absolute right or wrong.
3:09 am

The world and the Earth will be grateful when Trump goes. I think it's sad that people will vote for someone who is so unfit for the POTUS that as others have said he's the laughing stock of the world. Sadly I think Americans will vote for him in sufficient numbers for him to get in again. His ineptitude is on show once again, whilst Israel has a right to exist, so do the Palestinians. To have taken 3 years to come up with such a one sided plan is frankly inept.
3:20 am

What is scary is that Americans think it is OK for a POTUS to rant at people, be hateful and bully opponents by calling them names like a schoolyard bully, use twitter to do so, and think that's behaviour fitting for a POTUS. Really? To all those on this site that say they'll vote for him, do you really think that's OK?
3:54 am

It's highly likely a senior member in our parliament will lose her job because she gave out sporting club grants to more swing voting seats than those more deserving in seats that didn't matter at the election. I'm proud of the fact that we hold our politicians to high standards, Americans too used to believe in that.
3:58 am

Thought Id got it first guess
4:05 am

TM, I like your conspiracy theories, they make me chuckle
4:09 am

so close again
4:47 am

wow - that was difficult
6:53 am

one guess
8:25 am

Hummm...two isolated fest after finding them.
10:44 am

12:54 pm

Phil, how could one person masquerading as three different people be a conspiracy?
4:11 pm

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