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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, January 28, 2020

1:33 am

Diane and Phil...your hate and political ignorance is getting old. This bias has been going on since Hillary lost the election. I tire of the crying and complaining. There is no impeachable conduct. Just because you hate the guy, you want him removed from his elected office. Keep bringing up politics so I can keep telling you that I love Donald J Trump! I love this president and I can’t wait to vote for him again. He works for the American people every day. If you were paying attention at all you would see that. Trump 2020!!
3:41 am

6:41 am

TRUMP 2020 FTW!!!
6:43 am

The fact he lives rent-free in the libtard's minds every waking moment is a bonus to his already outstanding presidency. My 4th child is able to vote this year bring my family total to 6 for Trump :)
6:55 am

Can this discussion continue without the ad hominem attacks, please? There are good reasons to support any of the candidates and office holders recently mentioned and other good reasons to oppose them, also good reasons to want to see the POTUS removed from office and other good reasons to want to see the Senate acquit. Being on one side or the other does not define one as a hater, as stupid, or as a "libtard" (or whatever is equivalent in the other direction). Such attacks don't convince, they only agitate. This is why I am mostly staying out of the discussion despite having strong opinions.
7:00 am

Thank you Penguin. I am a life-time Republican, but I will not vote for Trump. He is either a habitual liar or he is totally uninformed. He is not qualified for the job, and has made our great country the laughing stock of the world. In addition he is extremely crude and immoral.
8:55 am

Thank you Denise
9:56 am

Well put Jerry.
10:13 am

my new favorite expression: what-about-ism
10:21 am

10:31 am

am I the only one who sees the irony of Jerry's response to Penguin's request? If intentional it humorous.
11:41 am

Just a little slow. 12.
11:51 am

KT, I interpreted Penguin's mention of ad hominem attacks as referring to posters attacking other posters. However, I do think that Jerry's response was an attempt at humor. In fact, if you look at the three successive posts from kaosangel, Penguin and Jerry, and if you recall that kaosangel is tuco's alter ego, you might understand why I think Jerry may also be tuco in disguise. Also note that both kaosangel and Jerry have almost perfect scores on the board, while tuco has slipped down a bit.
2:21 pm

Wow - perceptive TM. BTW-my post was in jest
3:18 pm

7:54 pm

9:35 pm

9:41 pm

10:42 pm

TallMike, you are correct that I was referring to folks here attacking each other. Jerry stated his opinions about the POTUS. You (plural) are welcome to agree or disagree and I'm happy as long as you (plural) don't attack each other. Without the ad hominem attacks there is a chance that I will learn something and might change my mind. Calling me (or you) stupid interferes with persuasion. I continue to hope for better from myself and others.