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Difficulty: Hard Saturday, January 25, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, January 25, 2020

12:04 am

define impartial in the context of judiciary
12:32 am

Laws are tested over centuries and judges work on the basis of what is fair and just. What they don't do is get appointed to change laws to suit what their donors or lobbyists tell them. If pollies in the US don't like fairness, they just appoint someone who will agree with them. Hardly an ideal situation.
12:34 am

Your US dictionary de
12:35 am

able to judge or consider something fairly without allowing your own interest to influence you:
The jury has to give an impartial verdict after listening to all of the evidence.
12:38 am

Or more simply, without fear of favour
12:42 am

In the Trump impeachment, Senators clearly cannot be impartial, they're either trying to get the opposition out of office and gaining power for themselves, or they are trying to keep an incumbent in power and are happy to disregard the rule of law in doing so. The whole process is frankly by it's nature not impartial. And because you politically appoint your judiciary it never will be. Strange that you all accept it without question. It's really so polarising it is becoming more and more explosive and likely to erupt.
12:44 am

It's really about time the democracies of the world actually came up with a better system. At the moment the Westminster system seems about the best, but i think it needs tweaking to take out the money raising aspects of it all
12:46 am

So cone on the youth out there, come up with some new ideas,
12:46 am

1:14 am

ding, 3rd guess
1:27 am

Done Not as easy as I though it would be
2:57 am

@TM so you agree it's completely false?
3:30 am

@Denise I also said that Zelensky did not think it was normal. There is plenty of evidence for that.
6:21 am

@TallMike, as a person who appears before a variety of judges nearly every day, I can say - unequivocally - you're wrong. Every judge before whom I appear, whatever their political stripe, strive to be fair and impartial. In my experience, this isn't theoretical. It's a fact.
12:50 pm

Diane, you are right, of course. Your opinion, based on a huge number of actual real experiences, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all judges everywhere are totally impartial. Oh no, wait, you didn't say that. You said they strive to be impartial, which must mean that they have some tendency not to be impartial unless they watch themselves closely. Which is what I said. So we agree. Who would have thought it?
1:07 pm

done - nice one
2:45 pm

11:06 pm

Very funny, MrO.