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Difficulty: Easy Monday, September 2, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Monday, September 2, 2019

3:09 am

Hey, is it possible to block people on this chat? Asking for a friend.
4:40 am

And so, the decline of the American empire continues.
5:57 am

Done If we lower the level of our speech, we would all be better off
6:27 am

@Angie, I fear you're right. I am so saddened by the state of the US. The ignorance of Trump supporters can only be explained by profound mental illness (like their "esteemed" leader).
7:38 am

8:15 am

To bevhonest, I was totally disgusted by the choice between those 2 candidates in the last election. Was that really the best out country could do?
8:56 am

Judy, I understand your quandary. I'm gratified by the number of people I know (I live in a conservative area) who voted for Trump and are now saying they wish they'd known of his narcissism, racism, instability, and mental impairment. I know of only one person who continues to support him.
8:59 am

Anyone know what set off Denise's litany of insults?
9:10 am

@SJ, probably my link to MrO about an article in Wash Post. The former director of the African American Museum pointed out a display about The Netherlands and the first slave ship . Trump's response? That people in the Netherlands love him. It's *always* about him. Sad.
10:05 am

10:47 am

K.Elisabet, tell your friend to click on the My Friends tab whenever the Chatterbox annoys him or her. If the My Friends tab annoys your friend too because it shows they have no friends, have your friend go the Who's Online tab and use the Add to Friends feature to add someone they don't detest to their My Friends list. After that, whenever your friend visits this board, they should go straight to the My Friends tab and Bob's your uncle (an old English expression meaning everything's fine, although these days some people think it has dark undertones). To avoid any misunderstanding, tell your friend not to add anyone named Bob to his/her My Friends list. P.S. Don't worry, nobody except Dr God can see who is on your friend's My Friends list anyway. P.P.S. Please don't ask something for a friend again because it makes it so difficult to respond appropriately.
12:03 pm

Fast clicker. 8.
12:52 pm

7:32 pm

Thanks Tallmike, that was a lot of information! "Asking for a friend" is just a jokey way of pretending you aren't asking the question yourself. Sorry for the confusion. In case it wasn't obvious I was referring to the person who left, as SamanthaJoy put it, a litany of insults all over the chat. So, what's with the dark overtones with Bob's-your-uncle? I've never noticed that.
7:36 pm

7:40 pm

7:43 pm

Trump is a disaster for the world and has spawned copycat strong men that are equally bad, or worse, but when you're the leader of the free world and you behave like a bully it has more impact on other innocent countries.
7:46 pm

The right way to get something done about China's trade practices was through the WTO, as interestingly China has done. The wrong way is to use trade sanctions that destroy the world's economies, including the US that will see big rises in their cost of living. He is single handedly costing millions of people their livelihoods in lost employment around the world and couldn't care less.
7:51 pm

China is now importing soy etc. from Russia and the land is being cleared and planted with those crops to accommodate the demand.