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Difficulty: Hard Friday, July 26, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Friday, July 26, 2019

12:43 am
12:47 am

Oh look : here's a story of an American who was 'detained' by ICE for nearly three years.\nizens-ice-20180427-htmlstory.html
12:55 am

Consider the fact that there have been hundreds or thousands of US citizens detained by ICE or CBP in the last ten years. (We only have estimates. We only have estimates because, while we know that this happens, the agencies involved DON'T KEEP RECORDS ABOUT HOW OFTEN THIS HAPPENS.)
12:56 am

Consider that the Trump administration has recently expanded the powers of these assholes to deport people based on their own judgment, with no judge or pesky 'due process' necessary.
12:58 am

Consider these two facts together. We are 100% going to be hearing stories soon of US citizens being 'deported' to countries that they don't speak the language of and have never been to.
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1:04 am

too hard for my brain now, need a kip before work
1:05 am

(I should be more clear : it's going to start happening more often. It has already happened.)
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6:09 am

SJ: Thank you. What is described is the opposite of "law and order". It is also the opposite of how humans should treat one another. We can and must be better.
6:48 am

Tough puzzle. The difficulty label fits.
10:24 am

10:26 am

Why is the country, as a whole, not as enraged as SJ? Start speaking up, try something new, call your senator.
1:01 pm

10:02 pm

HK: You ask why. Some believe it is all "fake news" (known in Nazi Germany as "lügenpresse"). Some believe a narrative that asylum seekers are criminals who are faking their need and thus deserving of their fate. Some separate others (based on nationality or skin color) and don't think the others feel pain as full humans do (whether or not they admit it, this is full blown racism). And some don't care because they are getting their tax breaks or the stock market is up so they don't bother to think further. Perhaps I've missed something. It is particularly galling that many who support the abuse of humans at the border claim to be Christian and appear to have forgotten all of the lessons of the Sermon on the Mount.
10:55 pm

Most aren't aware of it. Some deny that it's true. And for others, the cruelty is the point.

Oh, hey, didja all hear that the US is set to bring back the death penalty?

The cruelty is the point.
11:03 pm

SJ: has shown too many on death row are innocent. If that were not the case then there might be a good debate possible over the death penalty. The late Justice John Paul Stevens was correct that we should end the death penalty.