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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, July 25, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, July 25, 2019

4:14 am

vey ez
5:44 am

5:47 am

having trouble getting started, some back later w fresh eyes!
7:00 am

Slow start then accelerated to easy.
8:30 am

9:50 am

So, hey, ICE just let an American citizen out of one of their camps. He was in there for more than three weeks, despite having his birth certificate presented to authorities.
9:54 am

He lost 26 pounds in three weeks because there wasn't enough food. He never had access to soap or a shower. He slept on concrete floors in frigid temperatures with nothing but one emergency foil blanket. He was in a cell with 60 other people; it was so crowded they had to sleep in shifts because there wasn't enough room to lie down.
9:55 am

So I'm looking forward to having explained to me why that was all right, why it's understandable, why we don't have to change anything, why it's OK to treat anyone, citizen or not, this way.
9:57 am

(Many of the men in there were sick because of tick bites. They needed treatment but were told by CBP that if they asked for it, they'd be treated and moved to the back of "the line" and the wait would begin all over again.)
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11:26 am

SJ - the story you presented is outrageous if true. However, I would be interested in where you got the details of the story. The local paper has the AP story by Norman Merchant and the only detail that is consistent with your telling of this is that he was held 3 weeks. Please provide corroborating evidence of your claims.
11:38 am

My mother told me when she got to the nazi POW camp, they shaved her head. I said, 'Oh Mommy, how horrible.' She, matter-of-factly, replied - 'No honey, it was a good thing. It was one less place for the lice to go.'
11:42 am

SJ - to be clear It is unforgivable for a US citizen to be held for being here illegally. I find that absolutely appalling.
12:31 pm

Kinda plodding, but not tricky. 16.