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Difficulty: Easy Friday, July 12, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Friday, July 12, 2019

3:27 am

again err/restart
5:10 am

I'm curious about those folks ICE will round up this weekend. Are they sent out of the country immediately, or do they go to the concentration camp first?
7:27 am

10:42 am

10:45 am

phil, i started to read "The fatal shore" - very interesting; your country sure didn't get a very good start - i guess i won't find out how it got so much better from only reading that book - i believe it only covers up to 1868...
10:48 am

It's very interesting (& rather disturbing to me) the way the words 'concentration camp' are being thrown around. When I was small, my mother INSISTED I learn that she was in a nazi POW camp, NOT a concentration camp. Even though, to my small ears, it sounded like the same thing happened in both places, to her, there was a major distinction. I took her word as law. I still do. I believe much of the world has forgotten about the nazi concentration camps & the Siberian labor camps & gulags. There are varying degrees of torture, which in my experience, most victims recognize & differentiate between.
10:52 am

i agree helen: misery wears many clothes: one size doesn't fit all
10:54 am

12:56 pm

Mostly easy, but a few larger loners. 14.
1:23 pm

angie - the answer to your question is neither. They will be deported after being processed. As far as concentration camps none of those exist in the United States.
3:38 pm

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4:06 pm

took way longer than should have!
10:55 pm

KT, I think you are confusing the terms "death camp" and "concentration camp". The former does not exist in the United States. What started as concentration camps in Nazi Germany became death camps. In the US, during WWII, we also had concentration camps but these did not become death camps. Americans of Japanese descent and Americans who had immigrated from Japan were held in crowded conditions for an extended period of time ... concentration camps.

Some of the "detention facilities" currently being used in the United States are concentration camps. They are, to the best of my understanding, not death camps and I hope it stays that way. Better would be to stop holding people in concentration camps.
11:08 pm

I gotta say, it is amusing as hell to me to watch the same people who came up with the term "death panel" to try and sink the ACA now clutching their pearls at the term "concentration camps."

Srsly. When you're debating the technicalities of concentration camps, you've lost. Stop arguing.