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Difficulty: Easy Monday, June 3, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Monday, June 3, 2019

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HK you need to remove the \n from generation and after the first 1 in the end number. It will still work. Not taken down.
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It is powerful stuff. I really feel for the mental he
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Had a giggle today, Trump tweeted the Mayor of London was a stone called loser - pot kettle and black sprung to mind. His office also denied he called Megan Markle nasty and then played a clip of him doing so! How not to treat your hosts. Luckily for him, the British Monarchy will still treat him with respect because of his office, just the same way the did Idi Amin. It would be good if the British PM held a press conference and put him in his place like Hugh Grant did in Love Actually!
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6:56 am

Happy the Baby Blimp has been approved for London
7:30 am

Phil, I love your fantasies!
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2:42 pm

done - ty phil for sharing that video : both sad and powerful...
4:31 pm

Just a little slow. 14.
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Thanks guys, for helping me with the link. It was interesting to me, because I grew up on war. I've struggled with Trans-Generational PTSD since I was about 3 1/2. My parents told me too much too soon. There is a whole generation now of kids who will never be rid of their PTSD. When I was 7, my parents sat me down & calmly explained to me tactics which could help me possibly survive an interrogation. None of the things they told me were in the least bit fantastical, as all these things had happened to them & to their entire country - Poland. They always spoke in a factual manner, rarely did they show much emotion or cry, they saw it as their job to teach me, to prepare me. One of the symptoms of PTSD is hyper-vigilance. I always thought I just paid amazing attention to detail, but it's much more than that. It's a great burden to carry. I saw myself in that girl. We both grew up way too fast.
6:01 pm

Also, done.
10:54 pm

TY for the telling of that Helen. We think kids won't remember sometimes - but they do and it shows - even in their adulthood.
11:48 pm

An old friend of mine was the only son of a couple who had lived through the camps of WWII. I imagined he would have been the most loved, most pampered boy in the world because all the hopes for the future rested with him. Sadly, he said it was not so. They were afraid to love him for fear that they would be separated and made to suffer again. He rattled around in the house feeling like an intrusion on their pain. It is a great burden to carry as helenkeller said.