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Difficulty: Easy Friday, April 5, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Friday, April 5, 2019

12:41 am

Done I can't click as fast as you
12:51 am

KnightTime, I agree totally, I rarely use it and only to send the odd friend a message.
12:52 am

12:56 am

1:03 am

Poor Sydneysiders are having to put up with some US preacher wandering the streets and transport services proclaiming everyone is going to hell.
1:03 am

Just shut up and keep it to yourself mate, we aren't interested!
1:06 am

Looks like the UK is following Australia with plans to crack down on social networks for enabling terrorism, child abise and self harm.Mr Z, you have a responsibility for all this, start taking it.
1:11 am

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1:24 am

Gosh, everyone's gone quiet! You all asleep?
1:50 am

Aussie joke of the day - If it takes an IQ of 60 to tie shoelaces, why do so many Australians wear thongs?
1:51 am

BTW Thongs are what Britts call flip-flops, not female underwear!
5:09 am

6:55 am

This is as close as I get to social media. Never been on FB and no desire to waste time on that. Of course violence should be blocked. I don't understand why many want to block affection instead. (Not suggesting that hard core porn should be accessible to everyone ... that's a different debate ... and thongs are soft porn, for those with foot fetishes).
7:33 am

1:01 pm

Phil, I disagree with you about the violent content on FB. I belong to a number of groups where the vast majority (including myself) outcry the blurring of violence. Viewer's choice as to whether to uncover the photo or not - we disagree wholeheartedly - show the real truth! Most of these groups are private (questionnaires to fill out to make sure you are acceptable to the group - as 'chance' would have it, I have 'brilliant' familial credentials & all these groups say, yes please join us, you are exactly the type of person we want. Only a few are open to anyone. Even in those groups, when someone is too out of hand, out they go. I'm talking about historical violence & exposing historical truth, which pitifully few people, worldwide, have even an inkling occurred. I'm talking about WWII & Polish groups. The vast majority do not know how Poland was completely brutalized from east & west in WWII. The Jews have had decades to instruct the world about their Holocaust (I don't have any problem with this). But Poland has not - since 1939, Poland, overall a peaceful country, was first demolished by nazis, & then under soviet oppression for the next 50 years. Even those of us overseas dared not say too much for fear of relatives still in Poland paying the price. After the 'fall' of Communism, there were still many hard fast Communists in positions of power. It has taken this long to uproot them, or they have died away. And now Poland can finally speak her truth. Each of my parent went through hell, a number of times. Each fought from start to finish. Each spent time in camps. It's a miracle I was even born. I was taught the truth from a young age - NEVER FORGET. And now I have much to contribute in the way of historical facts to these groups. I've watched these group evolve for 6-7 years. Some bring scattered families together from all over the world. They do excellent investigative work. These are worldwide groups - Brits, Aussies, US, Poland, Mexico, the Middle East, Tanzania - the diaspora of Polish people who could not return to their homeland after WWII is incredible. This is why we believe in showing pictures of actual horrors committed by nazis & soviets. People need to know what happened, the depth of the horrors is unimaginable. In this vein, we strive to prevent this from happening again. Sometimes there is a fine reason to show the results of violence. Naturally, I oppose vicarious violence, but even the oppressed of today need their voices to be heard.
1:02 pm

FB is what you make of it. I do not waste my time on pictures of cute kittens or 'inspirational' sayings. There is much valuable information, one just needs to know where to look.
5:25 pm

EZPZ, 14.
6:05 pm

I don't have to go to the city dump to know it stinks and is full of trash.
6:33 pm

It is not a dump, there are many precious pearls of historical importance to be found there. Yes, there's a great deal of non-sense, but usually in international groups, we are dead serious.
11:35 pm

unfortunately HK I have to agree to disagree. Whilst I totally agree on the historical recording and this would not be lost, Facebook should have to archive it for evidential purposes, the point is, nobody asked the victims or their families and couldn't possibly with the current set up. Why should they continually relive the nightmare because of the news cycle and constantly reshowing when it suits.
11:37 pm

Also what about the mental health and suffering, and so many suicides and wasted lives from the hate speech, bullying etc. It has to stop.
11:39 pm

There is a big difference between freedom of speech and hate speech yet Facebook and others throw up their hands saying it's too hard.
11:40 pm

There's also the problem of the misreporting of facts with so called on line hacks who just take a snippet of other peoples news and spread it with their own spin.
11:41 pm

How can you possibly agree with the awful footage being distributed and used as propaganda by white supremacists.
11:42 pm

So can you now see that historical records will not be affected yet we can stop the spread of hate.
11:45 pm

Phil, why do you watch all that offensive stuff? Isn't watching optional?