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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, February 3, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, February 3, 2019

4:53 am

Done click-click
5:24 am

6:54 am

Not quiet here in Virginia, Phil. :(.
7:57 am

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8:59 am

Whats going on in Virginia Diane?
8:59 am

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9:13 am

Gov. Northam (whom I' supported enthusastically) - someone discovered a yearbook page of his showing a picture of a KKK guy and a guy in blackface. Nearly unanimous condemnation, and Gov. NOrtham hasn't handled it particularly well. He initially apologized (Friday) but yesterday (our Saturday) claimed it wasn't him. It's a sh*t show.
9:20 am

Sounds like he's let himself, his family and his electorate down.
9:22 am

Why do people who make mistakes in their early life run for public office?
9:31 am

Agreed, Phil. There's still a chance it was a prank 30+ years ago, but the damage has been done. I reluctantly feel he has to go, even if, by every measure, he's a good man. What gets me is the hypocrisy of many republicans to get rid of him, when they have been wholly silent on the racism, sexism, etc. of their own (including their leader).
10:40 am

11:02 am

How about his ugly abortion stance DiANE?
4:43 pm

that is a democratic issue Diane
4:58 pm

You mean the abortion stance that if a fetus is not viable, or the mother's life is in danger, a 3rd trimester abortion is okay? Actually, the bill wasn't much different from existing law - just reduced the number of docs from 3 to 1.
5:02 pm

actually it is what Obama voted for in the state of Illinois that is a baby is born alive in an abortion the dr can kill it --- and New York just made it a law that you can abort a fetus at 9 months and if it is alive the dr will kill it if that is what the mother wants
7:18 pm

ellenz, please provide the text of the bill that provides this. Oh wait, you can't.
10:51 pm

Phil - In answer to your question about why people who made mistakes early on: Very simple, people change. We all change all the time, some more than others. For example, let's take a look at Beto O'Rourke from Texas - he was narrowly beat by idiot incumbent Ted Cruz for the Senate seat (Texas is a notoriously gun-happy red state), Beto ran as a Democrat. That he lost this election by a smidge over 200,000 votes in a state of over 8 million speaks volumes to how committed he was. Prior to the election, no one outside of Texas knew his name. Now he's nationally known, very well liked & there is some talk of him running for president (he has said he doesn't want to do that). But check it - he's 46 years old, and in his past he was the lead singer in a punk rock band, and was arrested for a DUI. He talks about these issues straight up, and is sincere. He has great charisma, but more importantly, he has a wonderful way of rephrasing what the problems with America are & this is how he reaches people.
10:52 pm

And . . . YAY Patriots win another Super Bowl.
11:21 pm

The text of the new New York State Reproductive Health Act is available here:
I believe that the portion most relevant to ellenz's comment and Diane's challenge is on page 2, lines 42 through 49.
Of course, it remains to be seen how the law will be interpreted and applied.