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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, January 10, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, January 10, 2019

12:01 am

What do you mean - the server is throwing a tantrum??? I just finished an expert from the archives. Damn.
12:52 am

4:59 am

5:24 am

hk: "What do you mean - the server is throwing a tantrum???" The server is just pretending it's President Trump.
6:02 am

.. and bystanders are pretending it didn't happen
6:08 am

Still find his behaviour remarkably unacceptable. You have a silly system, glad we don't have a dictator. If the party loses it's majority and can't effectively govern we have an election to find one that can. Your current lack of governance is quite absurd.
6:09 am

6:18 am

11:06 am

Phil - as has been stated before and can be proven by history and current events - the US does not have a dictator. Trump may be a bad person with bad hair and bad skin and profess bad ideas but he is in no way and cannot act in any way a dictator. The US has checks on each of its three branches of government. If Trump were a dictator, then the circuit courts would not and indeed could not have overturned some of his executive orders.
11:07 am

This is not to deny your right to deem our government as being a "silly system." Maybe it is - but the constitution on which it is based allows for the government to be changed.
11:14 am

Trump is not a bad person he just fights for what he believes in and was elected to do !!
11:15 am

which I must say the Republicans have never been able to do.
5:01 pm

LOL Diane. And I didn't even get my points. Kinda like government workers who aren't being paid.
5:44 pm

When a president can block a bipartisan approved common sense bill that allows 800,000 government workers to get paid because he's using them as leverage to bully elected members into spending billions of dollars on an idiotic wall that will never be built, I reckon he's a dictator
5:46 pm

Ellenz, I agree with you that he fights for what he believes in and that is admirable, but not at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent workers which would mean probably a couple of million people directly affected.
5:51 pm

5:52 pm

It equates to the entire population of working people in Perth where I live. That puts it into perspective for me.
6:54 pm

11:01 pm

Phil to put all the blame on Trump for the shutdown is to be myopic about the problem. The shutdown stems from the "silly" (I agree with your term) system Congress enacted and Obama signed for funding the federal government. 800,000 workers not getting paid is tragic - no argument here. But both parties are too blame as much as Trump is to blame. The House of Representatives and Trump are intransigent with both using the federal workers as leverage to get their way. So to say the President is a dictator is still, IMHO, a complete misrepresentation of the issue. He is not a dictator. Our form of government does not allow it.