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Difficulty: Expert Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, October 17, 2018

4:34 am

Found today's Expert to be tough ... made 5 guesses and each one was wrong (led to a contradiction), but I finally solved it. Made my first guess in position "bottom left of middle left" and perhaps if I had started with a guess in a different location, it might have been faster going.
5:14 am

5:54 am

KT it means that you are related to Francis Scott Key. It also means if I deny your claim for political purposes and say I will pay a million dollars to your fav charity if you prove it and when you do I deny making that pledge then I am a scumbag. Simple actually.
6:57 am

an expert as difficult as the truth
7:00 am

Done, no greens
8:48 am

Done I didn't think I could solve this puzzle.
9:46 am

ng/2 guesses and done.
10:23 am

10:26 am

10:31 am

greens and 1 good guess did it
3:20 pm

Yep, scumbag. Unfamiliar with the concept of video tape. Also explains why he's not concerned about the pee-pee thing. Seriously, there is no acceptable reason to use the words pee-pee and president in the same sentence.
9:25 pm

I can't wait to vote.
9:37 pm

So what is it now? Is this the 3rd time a Republican administration has cut taxes and driven up the debt so they can then use it as an excuse to cut SS and other programs we paid into? When are the people who vote for them going to realize the Republicans are NOT representing them. They are representing their true constituency, the 1% donor class, not the majority of Americans. They trick you by playing to your fears. "Illegal immigration", abortion, taking away your guns, minorities, etc. Wake up, they are using you and manipulating you to vote against your best interest.
11:59 pm

tuco, I think you need to wake up. Hate reading your crap every day!