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Difficulty: Easy Saturday, September 29, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, September 29, 2018

1:12 am

Obviously the Democrats, particularly Diane Feinstein have lost all sense of decency. Their treatment of judge Kavanaugh is shameful.
Dr. Ford has no corroborating testimony. All 3 witnesses she has named have refuted her claims. And yet Feinstein presents her after the hearings have concluded, even though she had the letter in July! Yes, Dr. Ford did not want to go public, and in spite of that Feinstein managed to make it public. Ford never authorized that.
1:15 am

Ford expressed surprise in the hearing when told that the committee had offered to meet with her in California. So either she doesn't watch the news, or her lawyers didn't want her to know that. Looks to me like she is a pawn in a cynical game to prevent judge Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court.
1:24 am

She expressed near ontological certainty when naming Brett Kavanaugh as her assailant. I find that odd considering that she couldn't remember when or where it happened. But more to the point, how could she remember who assaulted her when she most likely didn't know at the time. She didn't go to school with Kavanaugh. She wasn't a friend or acquaintance of his. She only identified one of her "witnesses" as PJ. So I doubt that whoever did assault her introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Brett Kavanaugh. I'll be your rapist today." If judge Kavanaugh was not a prominent person today and she and her assailant (whoever that may be) were together in a room today, I'd bet that she would not recognize the person. People's appearances change quite a bit in 36 years, not to mention what that does to our memories. In short, Rachel Mitchell really missed an opportunity by not asking how Ford knew it was Kavanaugh who attacked her.
1:44 am

If anyone here has a husband, a father, a brother or a son, would you want them treated like judge Kavanaugh? Would you want your life ruined by an accuser with no evidence?
1:56 am

You have not convinced me with your arguments DrWho. The woman was extremely convincing.
3:39 am

@dr who you obviously did not hear or see here testimony; she explained how she knew Kavanaugh and Judge and PJ; she mentioned K.'s name in 2012 to her husband; she came forward before he was nominated; the story was not leaked by the democrates but by either the WaPo or friends of Blassey Ford who knew the story.
She was not "refuted" by the witnesses, but the witnesses did not remember. The chairman lied when he called the statement from Martk Judge under oath - a sworn statement went to the committee only after the meeting was finished.
5:40 am

If my son attacked a woman I would want him treated harsher than judge kavanaugh.
5:42 am

Feinstein did not make it public. Her name was leaked to the press by her "beach friends".
5:46 am

Also this 11th hour BS has got to stop. Where was the 11th hour on Garland? There are no time limits on these hearings. McConnell proved that.
6:10 am

You have to ask yourself this question. What does Dr Ford get out of lying? Jail? What does the judge get out of lying? A seat on scotus? Do the math.
6:41 am

6:58 am

7:39 am

Sorry Drwho nut I have to say the victim is far more credible than the judge. Her demeanour, the fact she had nothing to gain, nominating a witness who can't remember, or perhaps more likely is choosing to not remember. The yearbook, even his lack of honesty regarding his drinking is more than sufficient to cast reasonable doubt. And if there is even reasonable doubt, you would be expecting him to not be the right person for the job.
7:44 am

Done a little sticky mid-way thru
7:45 am

8:55 am

Agree with Irv, tougher than most easies, still no green but it was more work than usual
11:22 am

Why do we need an FBI investigation?? He's been found guilty by accusation, according to a few of you. Why be bothered by the rule of law: innocent until proven guilty? With some of you, it's your way or the wrong way. Why let reason get in the way of a good rant?
12:34 pm

Jainie he is not being found guilty or innocent by anyone. He is not on trial. He is being judged On his fitness to be a supreme Court judge. The FBI investigation is necessary to determine whether or not he is a liar. He may not be in this case. Unfortunately he has lied about quite a few things already under oath. He needs the investigation more than Dr Ford.
3:16 pm

drwho - If ANY significant man in my life were a member of the Tit & Clit Club I would kick them where it counts. Seriously. No. By the time you get to college, it's time to grow up, not revert to some 'no means yes, and yes means anal' neanderthal philosophy. This man is being judged by much more than what happened with this woman, his whole disgusting past is being dredged up & guess what? THERE'S A PATTERN. He is scum. TITS & CLITS - your next Supreme Court Justice. We already have the pubic hair incident, but this really takes the fucking cake. I ANGRY. Be a woman for a few weeks, you'll be angry about this too.
3:16 pm

3:20 pm

4:40 pm

Allegations aside: The man being appointed to be a non partisan member of the highest court we have spent the first 15 minutes of his testimony ranting about "the left", "the Clintons", and "Democrats", and literally promised "repercussions for years to come".

Um.... Can we have someone a little less crazy, please?
4:51 pm

Of course, we won't. We will get some exactly that crazy.

There will be an abbreviated FBI investigation, K will be confirmed by next Friday (when Gamble vs US is scheduled) and the process of making this and any subsequent president literally above the law will continue.
4:52 pm

And why every American is not fucking OUTRAGED by this is beyond me. Even if you support this president, what about the next one?
7:14 pm

SJ- Notice me below: I AM ANGRY. As an American citizen & patriot, it's our duty to be enraged. Totally agree, totally believe business will go on as usual. My 2 Senators are Democrats - so Illinois can hold it's head up, at least on this issue.
7:36 pm

I think one of the things that is shocking and horrifying me is the degree to which the right wing has abandoned all pretense.

Once upon a time, "conservatives" would have been horrified by the implications of Gamble v US; they would have been furious over the situations with the Russians.

And now they're all "haha! We're owning the libs! And what's so bad about being friendly with Russian dictators, anyway?"

I used to believe there was a loyal opposition. I was wrong.
7:46 pm

Some really hairy line crosshatches, lots of them. 18.
10:47 pm

I just want to make a somewhat obvious point that gets overlooked. The call for a delay, the allowing of the delay of the floor vote, and the presidential call for an FBI investigation was all done by Republican politicians. The Russia probe was called for by a republican Justice Dept and is being led by a republican. As left as I am I must acknowledge their efforts to seek the truth in these matters.