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Difficulty: Expert Sunday, August 12, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, August 12, 2018

4:22 am

Done tough one - needed guesses
4:24 am

A pattern that I have not seen before forced a UR that solved it. So No guesses and some greens
5:36 am

done... challenging
5:47 am

7:23 am

My argument from a historical perspective is this. The electoral college was instituted during a time of slavery and pre Louisiana purchase and Spanish American war. It should have been abolished after the civil war. Why wasn't it? Well what did the large states with small populations have in common with the slave states of the original 13? A need for cheap labor
7:30 am

Sorry substitute Mexican for Spanish below
7:41 am

Phil, yes we wanted to do something different than the British,. Much good, some very bad. We wanted to end royalty through the accumulated wealth over generations through the Estate Tax, and end the tyranny of a state religion in the 1st amendment. However they did allow for slavery and indentured servitude and the inherent racism in those practices. At that time as now it was well known that to get people to do your bidding for their financial gain be it killing others or getting them to belong to your church you have to demonize and dehumanize those you want to profit from or don't share your religious or economic beliefs.
7:42 am

Our present president is the poster boy of my last post.
7:49 am

If the United States was to become a white Christian nation. In 20 years we would be at each other's throats for some bogus reason or other. You aren't white enough. Or you don't pray hard enough..... It's all a lie to keep is divided. Thankfully we are "bending the arc" and Hair Furor, Q, resurgence of white supremacists are just a bump in the road.
8:19 am

Let's look at something recent in the context of an antebellum plantation. Massa gets all the credit and financial gain from the labor of those he owns. New president is elected and takes credit for the state of the economy not recognizing how it got there. Never thanks or acknowledges the hard work or successes of his predecessor. A time worn trick.
8:37 am

Done, 3rd guess
8:39 am

Only trouble is Tuco, the media gives the man oxygen, The most powerful thing they could do is not report what he says or does, just report on everything but him. I reckon he'd explode within a week!
8:53 am

it's too late for that, i'm afraid, phil
12:23 pm

tuco, I think you are kidding yourself that "we" are "bending the arc" in the directions you want the future to go. Last time I looked there was a Republican in the White House, Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and a Republican leaning Supreme Court. Racism is still rife both in the workplace and in our communities. Our legal system is still largely derived from and therefore ineradicably tainted with the religiosity of the legal principles of the old world. The micro sub-groups that are the super-rich and the master manipulators still exert far more influence over the future course of the country (and the world) than the entirety of the rest of the population.

What's the point of declaring victory when there is none to be seen?
1:25 pm

Nicely said TallMike
6:37 pm

DR. WHO::: look out.. I'm only five behind you in the rankings!!! (5 rows, that is)