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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, August 5, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, August 5, 2018

12:15 am

I was rather disappointed when I finished all the puzzles in the archives. Now I can only do one per day.
12:34 am

Done a little slow at the start
3:19 am

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.D ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
6:20 am

JudyHall & mommanine - it's so much easier to keep up than catch up!
9:55 am

NOW AREN'T YOU NICE HELEN--the problem is you can not be nice if someone does not agree with you--smile have a good day
10:22 am

JudyHall : Hi. see mommanine comment below in chat re. catching up....just sayin
11:01 am

hello ellenz, lovely to meet you. sorry to hear we disagree on the president. i believe someone previously asked what you were pleased about.
11:01 am

Hi Geoff (gman), currently I'm hoping to finish the archives ASAP so that I'll only feel the need to complete the daily puzzle. I have been contemplating what other activities I will do in lieu of Sudoku archive puzzles, and top of my list is reading (I have neglected the books on my Kindle for too long). And possibly I might return to working the daily Babble grid. And if I find myself in Sudoku withdrawal, I'm thinking I'll take your earlier advice and look at :)
11:37 am

Judy I tried Babble this week for the first time and it's tough, tough
11:38 am

11:44 am

Judy: 4 o'clock this morning I was reading my kindle on the couch. I get free, 21 day rentals from my library using an amazon account. Janet Evonovich cracks me up>>>>>
12:12 pm

Yes, gman - Babble is tough. I started a few months back because the weather was bad and I was caught up on the archives. Now I have a new addiction (let me be clear Sudoku & Babble) , hats off to those that have been playing Babble for years. It sort of gets easier. Except for Latin, ole English, alternative spellings, medical words, etc. I try to look up a new word meaning every day.
12:14 pm

gman, yes the Babble grid is tough to complete, and I have ONLY TWICE been able to complete it without using a dictionary. But I did learn a lot of "new" words some of which are also playable in scrabble-like word games.
12:19 pm

and gman, I also love the literally loud-out-loud humor in Janet Evanovich's "Stephanie Plum" books. FWIW, back in the day when I played the MPRG Mafia Wars, I used the player name "Stephanie Plum" (chuckle) ...
12:51 pm

that should say "LAUGH-out loud" humor ... sorry for not proofreading before hitting <enter>
1:20 pm

1:27 pm

jainie - no, not shame on me, shame on her. I meant that - if all she has to say is that she's not disappointed in the president, then why should anyone care? Everyone/anyone can come on here and say that. We are having a discussion. Facts are being thrown out, debated. She is not adding, contributing to the discussion in any way whatsoever.
1:29 pm

if you're so curious what her stance is, then you are just as able to welcome her to join the conversation as Phil did. Otherwise, really? It's just a waste of time. So what? Who cares? Clearly, there are still people who support this criminal and destroyer of our country. By all means, if they have something intelligent to say, let them speak up. Otherwise, let her crawl back to the backwoods from which she came - it's all way too close to Hitler for me.
4:15 pm

EZ 9
5:30 pm

How stupid--- to close to Hitler_____ Have you seen what some of the Democrats are running on---everyone should be given a decent wage-- WITHOUT EVER WORKING--- just given it?????? I come from the state of Illinois--we now have an extra tax on our property -- 2% of the value of your house e very year up and above the usual house taxes????? since you can not be nice-- and accept me for who I am and what I stand for and my ability to differ with you I am out of here---again smile and have a nice day
5:54 pm

Whats Trump done? The north Korea talks has accomplished something no other president has ever done. The talks with Russia are going to lead to good things I am willing to bet. I know that everybody wants to bash trump over the summit between the US and Russia and why didn't he stand up for the United States. Trump is not stupid and is trying to open the lines of communication between the two countries and you are not going to accomplish that with accusations and insinuations. He is not stupid, and he knows how to approach a situation to communicate. without communication you have nothing. The GDP, last I checked was nearly 4.0% something we haven't seen in 20 years, maybe more. Right now is the time to start getting things done. When the GDP is high, the US has a lot more power(you, me, everybody) and because of that we have the ability to make some changes for the better. The time is now while the US has the power, Trump knows this and he is using it to his advantage to renegotiate some of the worst parts of the foreign policy with China. And this will lead to a better trade policy with Russia. The European union has already agreed with the renegotiations and its one step in a process that eventually Trump will be successful again.
6:18 pm

ellenz, maybe you'd better get your news somewhere else. The GDP for the quarter is at 4.1%, which it hit multiple quarters under the last president.\n/gdp_glance.htThe quarterly growth in Q3 of 2014 was 4.9%
6:33 pm

RIGHT and the reason for Obamas GDP GOING up was short lived and due to making the government bigger ugh !!!
10:17 pm

So. How's everybody's sudoku game going...?
10:57 pm