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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, June 28, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, June 28, 2018

12:22 am

Done, no green.
2:00 am

Ah when stupidity is called out being provocative is the new excuse.
4:11 am

5:15 am

5:30 am

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.D ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
11:53 am

Mr O - Still looking for the excuse you claimed I made. I did not make an excuse - I made an observation and stated a fact.
12:15 pm

I've never seen KT be stupid, nor drwho. Wrong, frequently, and KT specifically quite often seems to delight in being an unpleasant person, but never stupid.

It's the "never stupid but often wrong" that baffles me. How can a man as smart as drwho claim that a sudden policy is merely following a law without bothering to find out that there is no such law?

And KT, well, he just trolls, so I find it best to ignore him. There's no real point in talking; he is convinced that he is right and has nothing left to either learn or say.
12:26 pm

"he is convinced that he is right and has nothing left to either learn or say." This sounds like pretty much everyone on the board (except substitute she when appropriate or whatever pronoun the individual prefers)
12:27 pm

As far as I can tell no one has changed their position on any of the hot button political topics discussed here.
12:28 pm

And yes, SJ - I can be and am often stupid.
12:28 pm

I haven't been following the chat here, but KT, I DO sometimes change my mind based on things I learn on other chat boards.
12:29 pm

True enough. I tend to ignore the liberals; the self righteousness, while sometimes justified, gives me hives. I'm more interested in talking to the people I disagree with.

And I have no doubt you're an absolute moron sometimes, what with being human and all, but I haven't seen it here.
1:01 pm

Got slow in the middle. 16.
1:30 pm

Harpjane -Not disputing that. I said "hot button political topics discussed here."
1:33 pm

I would be interested in knowing if anyone in this chog has changed their minds about Trump, Immigration, Russia Probe, Abortion, Gun Laws, Second Amendment based on the discussions in this chog. And by "changed their mind" I mean a radical change - like "I hated Trump" to "I am glad Trump is President" or "I am for building the wall" to "Now I want open borders"
4:11 pm

I, for one, haven't been trying to persuade anyone. It's just that when I see people say things that are blatantly untrue, I prefer to correct the record.

So, no, we have not been "enforcing the law." We've been enforcing a new policy that the President and his administration are being dishonest about, that they implemented without preparation, and that is cruel.

And I'm just fascinated to watch otherwise intelligent people convince themselves that it's all someone else's fault--Obama, Democrats, anyone except the assholes who implemented the policy.
4:15 pm

I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of my acquaintances in real life who have now expressed regret about their vote for Trump. To a person, they believed he would do good. Most are astounded at his lack of intelligence, class, dignity, and compassion.
4:17 pm

And that baffles me as well. Good ghod, were they living in CAVES before the election? They're astounded at the lack of class and dignity of Mr "Grab 'em by the pussy"?
4:58 pm

KT, no. I have not changed my mind on any hot button political topics based on the Babble chog.
5:07 pm

@KT - Excuse also means a reason given in order to hide the real reason; a pretext. That's quite normal English.

I must assume you read Bloodlands, but if you'd really understood what you read your attack on HK would never have happened.

And you would have understood that the EU, the UN and many other postwar institutions were actually started to avoid another similar disaster. They might not be perfect but that is no reason to abolish them.
5:15 pm

Wow! Color me humbled. From this point forward I will limit all my comments to Sudoku.
5:15 pm

Today's puzzle was simple.
6:06 pm

thank you KT
10:15 pm

I have never been interested in changing anybody's mind. I am more interested in pushing back against the hypocrisy and to let others see it is okay to speak out. Trey Gowdy calling today for the DoJ to wrap up their investigation. Isn't he the guy who spent millions and 2 1/2 years investigating Benghazi. No indictments, no guilty pleas. I guess all the indictments and guilty please stemming from Mueller must mean he is getting too close for comfort for Herr Gowdy et al. Mitch McConnell B.S. that no hearings on SCOTUS nomination should be held in an election year. No it doesn't apply. I know, I know Trumpers it isn't a POTUS election but still his rationale 2 years ago was horse crap and you know it unless you are just as big an A-hole as lyin Mitch. Oh and Doc Who? When has a gay baker ever refused to decorate anything. False equivalences don't work on me homey. I hope you all hide your pre-existing conditions because at last check the Resmuglicans didn't replace the ACA with anything and it looks like SCOTUS will be ruling on PCs How's that 4% GDP growth? I haven't checked Snopes yet so maybe someone can tell me if the reports that NK is rebuilding a nuke site are FAKE NEWS or not. God Bless the united shates
10:18 pm

guilty, please!
10:39 pm

I finally got a hard puzzle!