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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, June 24, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, June 24, 2018

12:39 am

Done, no green.
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2:26 am

very easy clickfest
2:27 am

Think it's impossible to do it in 2 minutes though.
5:22 am

8:59 am

HK, I'm very glad that you are here. You are, and your history is, important. Please don't ever let the haters and liars get you down.

One of my grandfathers built ships for the US for WWII. The other volunteered to fight in the US Army Air Corps, later retiring from the Air Force. The latter would not speak of what he saw but wrote letters to my grandmother that are now at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. I had the honor of escorting my grandfather to the opening of the US Holocaust Museum. There were picketers in front of the Museum holding signs that said "Where's the proof?" They were standing in front of a building that holds some of the evidence.

My Air Force grandfather passed away in his mid-90s, over a decade ago. Grandma was the last of their generation to pass away shortly after he did. They are not forgotten. What they and other heroes of "The Greatest Generation" did is not forgotten. Some here and elsewhere try to whitewash history, but we remember.

I haven't posted in quite a while because I detest the taunts and lies to provoke those who care about others who don't look like themselves or share the same religion. Too many today fail at the biblical injunction to be hospitable to strangers. Too many today look at some unlike themselves and consider them unworthy of being treated as full human beings, treated equally.

Thank you, HK, from coming out of hiding.
10:25 am

less than 7 minutes to do todays
1:02 pm

Thank you for your insight, Penguin. My great grandparents left Italy for the US in the 1890s. They realised that one of the party was ill (probably TB) so they finished their journey in Liverpool (UK)
1:44 pm

2:10 pm

digondda, thank you for sharing. I'm glad your ancestors survived to the (now) UK. Some of my ancestors were in England at that time. The earliest arrived in the US in the 1840s and the latest in the 1890s. We, like most people, are the children of immigrants. That some want to slam the door behind themselves exposes their very narrow view of humanity.
4:37 pm

EZPZ, 10.
9:28 pm

Some of what I posted apparently disappeared in the ether. The bit that went missing was just saying that no matter where we are from, what our roots are, the colour of our skin, whether or not we have a religion, what our belief system is, and all the other variables, we are all human. And we should all treat other humans with love, dignity, and respect. Including the way we express our views. I rarely say anything here, but the way some players have expressed their diverse views in the last few months has not been with with love, dignity or respect, and that is part of the problem humanity faces.
10:06 pm

Thank you, HK, Penguin, digondda, Is , tuco. I just finished a conversation about this very subject that left me rather upset. I try to remember to "look for the helpers" but sometimes the hate is so loud it can be hard. Sharing your histories reminded me that as long as there are brave people speaking their truths and voices to repeat them and make sure those truths aren't lost, there is good to be
found. Found and fought for.