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Difficulty: Expert Thursday, June 21, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, June 21, 2018

4:49 am

The separation of children has not been going on for decades. More like 6 weeks. Since Jefferson Beauregard Sessions announced the policy change. Besides
4:55 am

Helen has it right. I would just add that it is not just women they are afraid of. It is the inevitable coming of the brown majority here. I hope I live long enough to see it.
5:02 am

And regarding separation - I would not take my children to commit a crime and regardless, if I set out to commit a crime and I get caught, I would expect to be separated from my children.
5:03 am

To not blame Trump for his administration's policies when they are wrong is to be complicit. To not understand that our "abject failure" of an immigration system is not the problem. It is the politicians who use immigrants as a wedge issue to rile up their base. "Strong Borders" is code for no poor brown people.
5:05 am

What crime? It is not against the law to ask for asylum in this country. Not yet at least.
5:10 am

Also please those of you who still support Trump, ask yourself if this had been done under Clinton, Obama or any democrat not only would Rachel be crying
5:11 am

Hannity would be screaming his head off for impeachment.
5:36 am

7:10 am

early impossible chain solved it
8:20 am

what's an "impossible chain"?
8:20 am

Fairly easy expert this morning with minimal greens
9:02 am

Ng/1 good guess
9:41 am

"impossible chain" - a chain occurs when a certian number is possible in two positions in a number of rows/cols/blocks - they can be viewed as forming a chain whre that number can be filled in in only toways for the whole chain.

Label the cells of that chain a-b-a-b etc. and sometimes the end is also an a that "sees" the starting a. That is impossible, so the number is in the b cells.

This time it was a variation on that theme.
10:02 am

16 filled in, green and stuck. Anybody elese?
11:21 am

Tuco - Please you are smarter than that. Children were separated and caged during the Obama administration. That is a fact. Even a rube like me can look that up - but I don't have to because I remember seeing it and reading about it. So yes, this has been going on for Decades.
12:09 pm

Asking for asylum? Have you lost your mind? Asylum from what? And if they do have a legitimate need for asylum why didn't they go to the US embassy in their own country instead of trying to sneak across our border illegally?
12:21 pm

Difficulty score 40. That seems about right to me.
1:37 pm

SamanthaJoy - Selling point? It's the TRUTH. Did you even read my post?
1:38 pm

Tuco - Thank you & yes, you continue with the trend I was on. There is so much the rich, white men are afraid of.
1:41 pm

kao - Clearly, you've lived in a warm, fuzzy protective bubble, given your statements about committing a 'crime.' You are very lucky. I am the child of 2 WWII Polish warriors, who went through hell and back. If you can't relate to hell, then of course, you have no idea what motivated people to run.
2:15 pm

Done hard one for me
2:34 pm

3:42 pm

drwho, 1) If you're not aware of the situation in many Central American countries, then it makes sense that you don't know what they're trying to get away from, but it's just a Google away, and
3:43 pm

2) Because that's not how it's done. International law (that the US had a hand in writing) gives the procedure as leaving one's home country and traveling to the country one wishes to apply for asylum in. The people who are doing this are doing exactly as the law requires.
3:55 pm

Dear blind helenkeller (pun intended) as a old rich white man, rest assured, I fear nothing but God. There are several rich black men in my church (one is a deacon) who also fear nothing. Not to mention my Hispanic pastor who is young and not rich who fears nothing. I pity you and your nihilism.
5:21 pm

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.D ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
5:28 pm