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Difficulty: Expert Sunday, June 10, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, June 10, 2018

12:32 am

a little tough - but not too bad
2:23 am

Yay Judy.. Hi jane and KT :)
4:48 am

1 guess
5:50 am

7:19 am

TK, sadly not actually in Canada at the moment but my daughter was in Montreal, Ottawa, Ontario and loved it, will try and get there again next year.
7:20 am

Worst of the introduced species was and still is the Cane Toad, currently marching relentlessly across the top end. Only good thing is it hasn't adapted to the colder climes yet.
7:20 am

7:31 am

ding, first guess
7:33 am

TK, can you confirm or deny something Trump said about Canada imposing a 270@ import duty on US Dairy? It seems frankly ridiculous and as he lies so much thought I'd ask someone who may know.
7:45 am

Yes, average 270% duty on butter & cheese (but not ultrafiltered milk or milk protein)... but only that exported over a quota amount.
7:49 am

so in other words free trade up to a maximum but then heavy penalties to prevent dumping and wiping out a local industry?
7:52 am

Free trade and removing tariffs is the goal of most countries with tariffs reducing over time to give local industries a chance to get competitive. The trouble is, a lot of countries bend the rules by giving local subsidies which make their industries super competitive. Has to be a balancing act, but one thing is absolutely certain, trade wars are lose lose, not win win. Trump is going to hurt a lot of US companies.
7:54 am

I highly recommend Nobel Laureate for Economics Paul Krugman's blog at the NYT (titled "Conscience of a Liberal") -- he's been talking about the impact to trade quite a bit lately.
7:55 am

Personally I'd like to see the EU and others fight back by not hurting the US companies who are actually innocent parties, impose tariffs on all trump businesses and restrict upper management employee travel on Trump businesses. That would make I'm see some sense. He's only in it for his businesses anyway.
10:08 am

24 filled in and stuck...checking for x-wing, y-wing or coloring, otherwise a guess is in order
10:16 am

Done super easy Expert
10:21 am

done: used one of each.. First x, then colering, then Y-wing to open everything up...good puzzle
1:38 pm

I like Phil's plan - the only thing Trump is interested in is himself.
3:17 pm

Finished. One or two guesses.
4:43 pm

4:58 pm

KJU, DJT, and Dennis Rodman. Sheesh What a world. What a world. That picture of Angela Merkel leaning over Hair Furor is a classic.
5:02 pm

It was like The Big Lebowski. Merkel as Walter telling Donny to STFU Donny. hehehehe
5:59 pm

I hope I'm just being paranoid, but I can't shake the feeling that DJT wants to meet with KJU to share Machiavellian trade secrets.
9:43 pm

I lurk infrequently and contribute never, but I must say, Tuco, that Hair Furor is a gem. Thank you.
11:03 pm

I can't take credit for it jrs. Saw it somewhere else. It has been my fav for a while.
11:06 pm

Dear tuco... head's up I will need use of it over in FB ;)
Burst out laughing when I saw your post!
11:06 pm

I have no ownership of that. I am just happy you enjoy it.
11:08 pm

John Oliver was brilliant again tonight. Wasn't aware that there is a law in the U.K. against using footage from Parliament in light comedy or political satire shows.
11:14 pm

Didn't know that either tuco; a bit surprised, really! Us "British types" are usually right in there poking fun at sacred cows - we love irreverence. The only time I see Oliver is when he turns up in my FB... wifi has been sluggish lately, so have difficulty watching videos. I will have to check it out when my PC stops sulking ;)
11:15 pm

amd jrs.... welcome to the chog! No need to lurk; we don't bite ;)
11:16 pm

So in place of the 5 minutes that won't be shown on British TV about Parliament, Oliver is airing Gilbert Gottfried reading Yelp Restaurant reviews.