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Difficulty: Easy Monday, April 2, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Monday, April 2, 2018

12:16 am

Done. ng, ng.
12:19 am

3:04 am

3:14 am

5:15 am

5:56 am

9:23 am

nice easy start to the week
9:38 am

Spellchecker, if you could come up with a way to simulate the alt and shift it would be great.
10:34 am

Well, looks like someone's spellchecker worked :-)
2:02 pm

drwho that 1 possiblity situation is what I was getting at. The whole point of sudoku is finding the one possible value for each cell. If a program does that for you then...... Like I said I don't care what people do or don't do to solve any of these puzzles. I also asked if anyone uses the other tiles available on this site.
2:10 pm

Yes, it was me that said that TallMike and I will stick by it. The IronSudoku warning does not enter a number into your grid. And it is part of the program. The 1 number possibility when using auto greens enters the correct number into your grid. Once again, I am not saying that it is "wrong" or "cheating" or "impure" or anything like that. I am just saying that you used a program to solve the puzzle. If you were doing the puzzle with a friend and they found a number would you say "you" solved the puzzle, or "we" solved the puzzle?
3:31 pm

it's like digging for seeds in cow dung. Please - who cares? Just do the puzzle the way it makes sense to the person doing it. If they want to say "I solved it" what possible difference does it make in the big scheme of things?
4:16 pm

tuco, I'm not sure what you are asking regarding "other tiles available on this site" ... I have no idea how to see them or access them (perhaps I am missing something, a concept that wouldn't be surprising to me in the least <chuckle>)
4:18 pm

especially considering how long it took me to understand and use greens manually and then to finally understand how to use the auto-greens javascript ... I have been slow on the uptake the past few years
4:19 pm

JudyHall, click on My Account. Choose tile type in Profile Info.
4:23 pm

Thanks, tuco. I tried the animal tiles and DEFINITELY can NOT work with them (at first glance the images are too similar, and I'd have to develop a mnemonic to remember the nine different animals)
4:24 pm

I am not tuco.
4:25 pm

Then I tried the letter tiles, and I could possibly work with them because we are using just A B C D E F G H I (and I've done Sudoku puzzles with letters before). But I definitely prefer NUMBERS.
4:25 pm

oops ... sorry TallMike
4:26 pm

4:28 pm

Must admit, TallMike, since it was tuco who asked the question, I just incorrectly assumed it was s/he who answered (and you'd never believe that I was taught NEVER TO ASSUME) ...
4:29 pm

You've been on this board long enough to know that butting in is rampant !
4:30 pm

true enough <chuckle> ... I hope you'll get a chance to meet my friend Kate (TraderKate) soon ... now she's got a wicked sense of humor
4:44 pm

I saw a recent post asking if you were troll baiting.
4:45 pm

4:50 pm

that was my friend Kate picking up on my post prior to hers where I said parenthetically that I had trouble resisting troll bait. She didn't know that what I meant was that it takes a LOT of will power for me NOT to participate in controversial political discussions on THIS chat log, because I don't feel this is the appropriate forum.
4:53 pm

EZPZ, 11.
4:54 pm

So, no political troll baiting for you. Great. But what if the topic is Sudoku related?
4:59 pm

IMHO, anything Sudoku related would be fair game, if I cared enough about the specific issue being discussed. People here have always been very helpful when I've asked Sudoku related questions (that's how I learned about greens (both manual and the Javascript), about marking guesses in red, about drwho's fantastic pages of general Sudoku tips, and more.
5:45 pm

6:07 pm

A safety net does not actually help a tightrope walker complete her walk. But would you say she performs without any form of assistance? Of course not. Same with IronSudoku warning system, I think.