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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, April 1, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, April 1, 2018

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1:07 am

Who uses different tiles? Animals or Letters?
1:25 am

hmm TallMike you are frustrating. I get your point but if you don't "run" it you aren't "turning it on". The IronSudoku warn is part of the game which you can't "not run" or "turn off"
2:06 am

Tuco, auto-green is an assist. So are the greens. Filling them in is mechanical and slow and prone to error if done by hand. That's why I use the auto-green script when working a hard puzzle that needs greens for me to solve. Once the auto-green script fills in the greens, I manually update them as I proceed to solve the puzzle.
2:12 am

My policy is to go as far as I can without green. But if I get stuck I run the auto-green script once then update the greens by hand after that.
2:29 am

Tuco, I'm not entirely sure what your question was. But here is an explanation of how the auto-green script works. It fills in all the greens in all the empty cells. Then for each empty cell it eliminates the green digits which can be found (as clues or solutions) in other cells in the same row, column or block the cell is in. The script never fills in a solution. If only 1 possibility remains for a cell, that cell will have only 1 green markup digit.
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6:46 am

I may be splitting hairs here, but rather than "turn on" and "run" greens, I would suggest "load" and "update" greens. The greens don't automatically update, whether auto or manual.
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8:08 am

Thx Noriega. I will give it a try.
9:51 am

Particularly if you're using a mobile browser, the autogreen is the only way to fill things in. I keep telling myself i'll get a few hours and write a Scriptmonkey plug-in to help simulate the shift and alt for entering the little numbers.
1:07 pm

tuco, why did you say I am frustrating? The IronSudoku feature which warns of very basic errors is not part of the game of Sudoku. The feature was unaccountably added by the designer of IronSudoku. It is therefore an assist, regardless of whether you can "not run it" or "turn it off" in IronSudoku. It is an optional assist because it is easy to find other ways to play Sudoku (including online) which do not provide that basic error warning.
Wasn't it you who recently proclaimed autogreens to be 'an assist' 'even if that assist is minimal' and concluded, 'If you use that I don't see how you can say that "you" solved the puzzle yourself.'
IronSudoku's very basic error warning feature is also an assist, even if that assist is minimal. By your logic, anytime you use IronSudoku you therefore cannot say that you solved the puzzle yourself. Perhaps you set the bar too high?
4:54 pm

Why argue about the "purity" of game play, i.e., whether or not someone uses the OPTIONAL greens manually (part of Iron Sudoku itself) or automatically (using the javascript code provided by drwho) to solve a sudoku puzzle ? Perhaps some folks just like being argumentative and some folks (sadly, myself included) can't resist troll bait (chuckle) ...
5:29 pm

Better still, let's celebrate that IronSudoku is a cool program which offers a huge number of puzzles at no cost (although that wasn't always the case) and which helps people to learn to play, or to play better, if that's what they want, and also allows players to make their own choices about what assists to use and what other sources to learn from.
5:30 pm

And let's also remind each other of the possibilities which sometimes get overlooked. For example, if you find a Sudoku puzzle in a magazine and you are used to using greens, you can reverse the usual greens technique and instead mark the unoccupied cells with carefully positioned dots representing the impossible values. As you eliminate more possible values, you add dots, so you don't need an eraser as you would if you were marking greens. Position the dots in each cell so that top left is 1, top right is 3, bottom right is 9, and so on. It's an interesting exercise and might be useful if you ever enter a casual contest.
5:30 pm

I wholeheartedly agree, @TallMike ! Let the celebration begin !
6:41 pm

Are you baiting trolls again Judy? LOL!
6:49 pm

EZ, even while sleepy. 10.