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Difficulty: Easy Saturday, March 31, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, March 31, 2018

12:07 am

Done. ng, ng.
12:08 am

ritish racing green
12:09 am

British Racing Green - auto green ng,ng
3:18 am

3:22 am

4:59 am

Thanks for the help,folks.
5:13 am

7:10 am

I don't have a whole lot of time to spend here (sadly), so I'm a frequent user of autogreens from mediums up. It is a huge time saver (at least for me).
8:02 am

I am using a Kindle and haven't figured out how to enter greens so I never use them. No problem unless it's an Expert, then I struggle but eventually get it done.
12:48 pm

1:32 pm

Judy, you would have to cut and paste the javascript to the URL box then go to the beginning and add javascript: before "for", then hit enter, for it to work.
4:49 pm

Using autogreens is allowing a program to enter numbers into your puzzle. If you use that I don't see how you can say that "you" solved the puzzle yourself. I don't really care one way or the other but it just seems like it is not just a convenience tool but also an assist. Even if that assist is minimal.
4:58 pm

My use of "greens" is like this. When I get to a point where I have a choice between 2 numbers in a cell I put a green of one of them in that cell and then Save a Checkpoint. I then continue with black numbers until I run into a conflict. If I run into a conflict I return to Checkpoint and put in the other number and save as checkpoint again. I continue like this until I run into a situation where I have a green number, no conflicts, but all the remaining cells could have more than one number. I then choose a cell that can have only 2 possible values and use reds with one of those numbers and all resulting numbers from that point on. If I run into a conflict with the first red number, I then try the 2nd one and if I run into a conflict I know my green is incorrect.
4:59 pm

I guess that could be termed guessing.
5:02 pm

Having never used autogreens I have a question. When you use it , does it show a single green in a cell that you missed before you turned it on?
5:17 pm

Yes. But you don't turn it on, you run it. It doesn't stay active. You can run it again later if and when you choose.
5:21 pm

As for assists, you automatically benefit from an assist by using IronSudoku because it warns you if you make a basic error such as putting a 9 in a row which already has a 9. If you want no assists at all, you will have to play elsewhere. Unthinkable, of course.