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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, March 27, 2018

12:19 am

12:21 am

1:21 am

3:44 am

Well we had a couple of days of sudoku-related chat. It was nice while it lasted.
4:45 am

4:54 am

5:16 am

11:20 am

call me crazy but today's easy seemed more difficult than yesterday's expert
1:22 pm

KT - I wouldn't call you crazy, but today's puzzle is ranked 17 by my software, yesterday's was 71.
1:23 pm

I did find yesterday's puzzle much easier than 71, but not quite as easy as today's. YMMV
2:06 pm

Made some mistake twice! And I was being so careful the second time.
2:32 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. It had one pretty hard virtual and a unique rectangle. Otherwise, just hard to see moves. 18.
6:17 pm

7:41 pm

There is another useful and very easy technique available for viewing an archived chat log: go to the corresponding active puzzle page (if you're not already there) and push the button. What button? Well, it's in plain sight, to the right of the My Friends tab. When you hover over it you see "View Entire Chat Log." Save your work before you push it.
7:42 pm

The View Entire Chat Log button also works for viewing the current day's chat in a different format. I believe it will overcome the annoyance of having to use a horizontal scroll bar in the standard view when a recent post includes a long URL. However, I haven't had an opportunity to test that theory yet.
9:24 pm

What a great find the "View Entire Chat Log" button is, @TallMike ! Thanks for pointing it's location out, because I would NEVER have hovered over that icon to see the tooltip (looked like a calendar to me ... chuckle). And you are correct about not needing to use the scroll bar. Thanks for posting about the "View Entire Chat Log" button !
11:10 pm

JudyHall, I think you and I are talking about different scroll bars. In most cases, the current live chat display has a vertical scroll bar immediately to the right of the posts (the exception being early in the puzzle day when there have been too few posts to need a scroll bar), and that vertical scroll bar always disappears when you click on the VECL button. I believe that's the scroll bar you were referring to.
11:10 pm

However there are rare occasions when a second scroll bar is present, a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the live chat display. The horizontal scroll bar is triggered by a post which contains a continuous long string of characters, usually a long URL, and the scroll bar can stay there for one, two or sometimes even three days (much longer than you would expect, anyway). The problem then is that reading any posts with more than one line requires scrolling back and forth in order to read the beginnings and ends of each line. In such cases, I believe the VECL button will reformat the chat display and eliminate the horizontal scroll bar - but only until you return to the live puzzle display.