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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, March 21, 2018

12:10 am

12:12 am

Done. ng, ng.
3:13 am

I agree with mab
4:13 am

Right people, this is getting ridiculous; Could I humbly and politely suggest a voluntary moratorium on all subjects discussed here that are not Sudoku-related? This is, after all, a Sudoku site and I for one would like to hear all about fellow players tricks and techniques. While I enjoy lively and enthusiastic political discourse, there are infinitely more appropriate places for such discussions.
5:23 am

Sounds like a good idea.So...who thinks Trump cheats at Sudoku?
5:29 am

5:39 am

@Tallmike - you forget that I am Dutch so occasionally I use a more Dutch way of saying things. I could also say that your arguments are totally silly, which is a direct translation of a not at all insulting Dutch expression. But I know from experience that it does not translate so well.

In any case, I said that your arguments are completely faulty and that you should consult a text book. A very good start is "Principles of Planetary Climate" (2010, Cambridge University Press) by Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago, who has a free version on his site.
5:55 am

Well TallMike all you have to do is look at the Netherlands they exist by changing the planet. We have changed the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale by reducing sulphur dioxide thereby ending acid rain. We have also changed the composition of the atmosphere by banning chloroflourocarbons thereby assisting in closing the ozone hole. So that may not be rigorous but I think it is good evidence that man can affect the atmosphere which will affect the climate.
7:02 am

I sometimes read chats from the "early years" as I work my way through the archives. Some of you may remember--those were the years when people were helpful, friendly, and fun...Sigh. Now, I mostly stay on the my friends tab.
7:19 am

QUESTION: I know exactly what you mean, 111Eggs ! Does anyone know if the My Friends tab was designed to serve any other purpose than to eliminate having to see the contents of the chat log ?
7:22 am

And for anyone else working through the archives, I found the absolute easiest way is to simply change the puzzle number in the URL. Don't know why it took me so long to comprehend that puzzles are numbered consecutively and that to move backwards, just decrease the puzzle number in the URL by 1 (sigh) ...
7:23 am

I don't know Judy, but I do know that I miss the helpful hints and sense of community of those early days. So, in that spirit: I didn't find today's puzzle a "clickfest", but it is truly an easy.
7:24 am

thanks for the URL tip...
7:31 am

When I'm in the archives, I just hit the "back" arrow when I've finished a puzzle. That takes me back to where I was. It takes a bit longer, but allows me to refocus for the next challenge.
8:18 am

JudyHall and 111Eggs, I'll be happy to be one of your friends who can help. I tire of the political/current issues conversations as well.
10:47 am

10:52 am

10:56 am

Maybe DrGod might see about adding another tab so those who want to discuss non-Sudoku related topics can do so. It would be nice if we could private message others, especially Friends.
11:21 am

Thanks norinva!
12:50 pm

Yes, thanks norinva !
2:58 pm

JudyHall, I find the My Friends tab useful because I can quickly see when my friends are on line. The Who's Online tab does not serve that purpose well because it only shows the first nine players, arranged alphabetically, unless I scroll down. I expect that the My Friends tab would suffer the same disadvantage if one had more than nine friends, but I have not subjected that premise to rigorous scientific scrutiny.
3:03 pm

Boda bing, boda boom. Very business like. 9.
4:50 pm

6:44 pm

JudyHall, Thanks for the tip for the url with the archive puzzles!
11:01 pm

@TallMike, I'm curious WHY it is useful to you to know which of your Iron Sudoku friends are online, though I assume possibly it's because you might want to communicate synchronously with them in chat? Me, I prefer asynchronous communication because it allows me to avoid "foot in mouth" disease (chuckle).