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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, March 11, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, March 11, 2018

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Kudos to Florida. I guess the NRA, got b*tch slapped buy some "traumatized teenagers" If this can happen in Florida it can happen anywhere. The NRA is suing Florida over this new law. If they lose, then my prediction of "It will be the Right and the NRA's inability to compromise that will result in tighter gun control." will look even better.
12:57 am

MrO, dorens is correct. The vast majority of rank and file NRA members support tighter gun control laws. It is the NRA leadership acting in their lobbying for the gun manufacturers capacity that purchases lawmakers and strong arms them into voting against sane gun laws. This is the crux of the American problem. Everything is for sale. If we made lobbying illegal and all elections from dog catcher to President publicly funded we would be a lot better off.
3:34 am

Of cource I meant the NRA leadership, not the members. That should be clear to anyone who is able tand willing o think logical. On the other hand - why do you want to be a member of an organisation that does evil?
3:40 am

Well KnightTime, we haven't had a mass shooting in the 20 + years since we brought in strict gun control. There are now as many guns in circulation as there were then, yet because we control who has them we have much less of a problem. Of course your mighty smart people in the NRA dispute all the data with idiotic comments that they think if they say often enough everyone will believe. Utter BS as those wonderful teenagers would say, and good on them.
3:41 am

Bit like the big oil companies that have caused the planet so much harm along with their good.
3:44 am

I've just been watching the amazing Blue Planet II series narrated by the legend that is Sir David Attenbro as he's known here. Humans have so much potential with their intelligence yet at the came time are so capable of such destruction. The oil companies that created the problems of the plastics should be taxed with a special levy to clean up the worlds Oceans.
3:45 am

We're a little more sensitive to the fragility or our planet here in Aus. Nearly two thirds of The Great Barrier Reef have been damaged by coral bleaching caused by global warming. One of the worlds natural wonders may be lost forever.
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Just watched a doco on WACO KnightTime, there was an Australian man there. And you still think it's OK for anyone to go and get an AR15? Although a seriously unpleasant human being, his and other innocent children died and federal agents died needlessly because of the weapons he was allowed to have.
8:50 am

No! Don't fine the oil companies! Fine the people who have the intelligence to harness solar power, which is abundantly available, because they are being lazy and sitting there azz NOT making a difference. Victims lament about the past. Visionaries change the future.
8:55 am

The "cost" of fossil fuels is not large enough for people to stop their addiction to it. It's NOT the oil companies fault. Are you serious...??? It's the fault of everyone who is addicted to their different than tobacco. Framing it in the appropriate context changes the dynamic as those who are saying "they" become the purp; "I am the problem"...not enough "I's" yet. Simple math. Cold and hard fact. But simple.
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6:33 pm

"Fine the people who have the intelligence to harness solar power....." Solar energy especially distributed rooftop solar has been having a huge impact. So much so that the oil companies lackeys in our government have been fighting to cut funding for the sector of the economy that has created the most jobs over the last 20 years. Meanwhile still handing over our tax dollars to the oil and gas industry. Renewables have become a direct threat to fossil fuels bottom line so the Oil and Gas lobbys (API especially) sponsor Sean, and Rush, etc and run misleading ads on TV along with funding mainly Republican congressional races. At the top\neeks-to-slash-funding-for-clean-energy-in-201\n9-budget.html and names the former CEO of Exxon/Mobil as his Secretary of State. Which side are you on?
6:35 pm

The "cost" of fossil fuels has been hidden from the taxpayer. It is much higher than just air and water pollution. It is the cost to the taxpayer for our military protecting the flow of oil around the world. Fighting wars over Oil. Illness due to pollution and increased rates of cancer.
6:37 pm

I am leasing my grid-tie 36 panel roof top system. My utility bills have been cut to a 1/3rd. I put clean energy back into the grid and it only costs me < $60/month.