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Difficulty: Medium Saturday, March 10, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, March 10, 2018

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KnightTime gun ownership shouldn't be an absolute right, there have to be restrictions. It's interesting that some states tackle it, such as the home state of the manufacturers of the AR15. The only real problem is that with state borders being what they are, the laws need to be federal.
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back to it
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finally done, had to use greens. Must be getting old
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It is sad that Birmingham rhymes to Vietnam

and its 1,2,3,4, ...
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@drwho did you ever concsider the option that the NRA people are insane and/or evil people too? What is "dishonest" about having that opinion? They're on ly in it for the money, and all the rest is smoke screens.
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Phil - I never said it was and "absolute" right.
I said it was a US Constitutional right.
Yes some states have severe restrictions - NY and CA
Others, like the one I live in (Arizona) have very
lax gun laws - thank goodness. There is a way to
change it from a right - a new amendment that
nullifies the old amendment, but thank the framers
amendments are difficult to pass and require
widespread support. In my opinion, it will never happen,
something I am pleased about.
2:39 pm

MrOoijer - Of course there are insane and evil people in
the NRA. It has dishonest people.
It has millions of members, so statistically, it
would have some of all ilks. It even has anti-gun members.
To claim the NRA is ONLY in it for the money is to
demonstrate your misunderstanding of the organization.
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5:07 pm

Let's not conflate the rank and file members of the NRA with the leadership, which overwhelmingly reflects the arms manufacturers and lobbyists, rather than sportsmen and hunters.
7:01 pm

KnoghtTime, I find the very idea that lawmakers take money from lobbyists and then have the gall to publicly try to humiliate brave and noble teenagers saying adults make laws, so very distasteful. Those teenagers have shown great thought, knowledge on the subject and passion for fighting this disgusting behaviour od those who currently govern, that I sincerely hope they garner enough support to change those very lawmakers, ban political donations, and amend or redefine the constitution to better reflect their views and to better protect future generations. The constitution was written in different times and it's so sad that it is almost impossible to change them.
7:05 pm

The time has come, not just in the US, but here too in Australia, to ban political donations and use a sensible, agreed amount of public money for a broadcasting platform to get policies of candidates out in the public arena.
7:07 pm

Bring in compulsory voting, (we already have that) and give the people more say in electronic referenda on important issues. With blockchain technology this is entirely doable in a timely and cheap way.
7:10 pm

It's also time to start a global voting system devoid of parties, to a United Nations of ideas forum, where the power of the individual peoples of the world are not constrained by their governments.
7:12 pm

If you meet people from all around the world you soon realise they are all basically good humans with generous thoughts. I think their views will be surprisingly similar and very anti war and more protecting of the planet.
8:25 pm

Thank you Phil. Through the magic of IronSudoku chat we
have come up with a simple solution. America will adopt
the Australian way of government and we will all be happy.
I am assuming there are no police in Australia since there
is no crime. And of course there would be no need for an
army since we all will love peace. Wow, sometimes the
simplest answers are staring us right in the face.
8:30 pm

I will promptly destroy all my weapons. And go
vote. Then sit back and wait for Congress, the President,
and 300 million fellow citizens to come to their senses.