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Difficulty: Expert Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, February 13, 2018

12:37 am

Done, 1 guess.
2:43 am

Done, no guesses
5:09 am

Done needed restart
5:26 am

8:08 am

click fest...not an exp.
9:07 am

Love it Tall Mike, should we see how many Americans could name say 30 countries. As a converse, I reckon I could name 30 states, might get the odd one wrong but lets see,
9:11 am

Alaska, Wyoming, Philadelphia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Mexico, California, Rhode Island (not sure on that one) Montana, Virginia and West Virginia, Texas, New York, North and South Dakota, how many so far
9:11 am

16, 14 to go
9:13 am

Ohio, Sorry about Mexico, should have been New Mexico ha ha, just seen my mistake before I get corrected.
9:16 am

Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Kentucky,
9:17 am

23 down, starting to rack the brain cells now
9:18 am

Washington (state) Is District of Columbia a state or a district as logic would suggest?
9:19 am

Illinois, Iowa, Idaho, I think
9:21 am

Jersey or is it New Jersey, New Hampshire, not sure about Mississippi, but whatever state New Orleans is in, Missouri,
9:23 am

Are Hawaii and Puerto Rico states?
9:27 am

Apologies to those from other states, I'm struggling now. How about hearing from someone who's proud to call the states I've missed home and tell me something great about their state, or a wonderful event or person from that state who's been on the world stage?
9:30 am

Now I know most Americans would have watched the Super Bowl and I know most of you know about Crocodile Dundee, or rather the tourism Australia ad, so why do we see so few of you over here, especially in Western Australia? Come pay us a visit, we're a pretty friendly bunch.
9:31 am

9:42 am

To tired, finish it tomorrow
11:10 am

Phil a visit to Australia in on my list. Quick question - I read the book "The Fatal Shore" about 20-25 years ago. In your opinion is it an accurate depiction of your country?
6:08 pm

Phil, a visit to Australia is also on my list. My aunt & uncle made a trip (walked to Ayers Rock) and my dad visited often. Yes Hawaii is a state and one of my girlfriends from Hawaii lived in Australia for 3 years but returned to Hawaii to be close to her parents. I have friends from Arizona (another state) in Australia now for a 6 week trip. Also another friend's son just moved to Germany after working in computer field for 3 years in Australia. I cruise and meet couples from your country - we have fun playing trivia together. Keep your wine cold I might knock on your door. I like how your country took action on gun law changes. I am in Washington State (Pacific Ocean)which is not the D.C. Washington ( a city by the Atlantic Ocean)Claudia
7:52 pm

Phil, I think you got 30, even not counting Philadelphia, that's a city in Pennsylvania. It is New Jersey and Hawaii is the 50th state. Puerto Rico is not a state.
8:31 pm

I think I can name more than 30 countries. In fact that should be much easier than you naming 30 states.

Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Venezuala, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Uraguay, Paraguay.

New Zealand, Japan, North and South Korea, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Arabia.

Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, United Kingdom.

Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, South Africa, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Liberia, Congo, Algeria, Sudan.

I purposely left out the United States and Australia, those were obvious. I know I missed quite a few. I think I am weakest on the African continent. I also left out some island nations, I'm sure, because for instance, I am not sure if Palau is a nation in its own right, or just a U. S. possession. Same goes for Jamaica, Mauritius, the Bahamas , Trinidad & Tobago; but they probably should be listed since they get their own delegations in the Olympics.
8:34 pm

Drat, I could not think of Belgium, all I could remember was Brussels. (I hate Brussel sprouts!)
8:36 pm

Then there is Monaco and Singapore, both city states, but I'm not sure they qualify as countries.

Apologies to anyone I left out.
8:40 pm

Of course I left out Borneo and New Guinea and quite a few more in the South Pacific.

Two glaring omissions, Greenland and Iceland!
8:43 pm

I'm not sure if I included Ireland, Scotland and Wales when I listed the United Kingdom. Also there is Northern Ireland which according to my memory may or may not be in the UK.
8:51 pm

Then there is Cyprus in the Mediterranean, Madagascar an Island east of Africa. And the island in the Indian Ocean used to be called Ceylon, but I think it's name has changed.
8:54 pm

Of course I am sure that Scotland is part of the UK, the UK became the UK when the English royal line died out and King James of Scotland became the first rule of the United Kingdom, England and Scotland were the charter members of the UK so to speak.
9:03 pm

B.T.W. Phil, I live in Minnesota, the 32nd state to join the union. You are welcome to come visit. You might want to make sure you come in the summer time, you probably wouldn't like our winter. The good news is when it's winter where you are it's summer here. We are known as the land of 10,000 lakes so bring your swim suit.
10:40 pm

Oops, Borneo is an island shared by the countries of Indonesia and Brunei.
11:28 pm

drwho, the island located southeast of India and formerly known as Ceylon is now the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.