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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, January 7, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, January 7, 2018

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Done. ng, ng.
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MrO I think those laws of physics must be a bit wrong unless you disagree with the evolution of earth, We are fortunate to have living examples of what are believed to be the original lifeforms on earth here in Western Australia - granted a bit of a hike to get there, but well worth a visit. With non stop London to Perth flights starting this year, why not pop over, I'll buy you a beer!
12:50 am

Living microbes that build the stromatolites are similar to those found in 3,500 million year old rocks which are the earliest record of life on earth. As such, the stromatolites provide a record of local environmental changes. Hamelin Pool in Western Australia is one of only two places on earth where living marine stromatolites exist.

The marine stromatolites found in Hamelin Pool of Shark Bay are considered to be the best example of their kind found in the world. Stromatolites grow successfully and undisturbed at Hamelin Pool because the sea water is twice as saline as usual sea water due to a bar across the entrance of the bay and also due to rapid evaporation from shallow water.

Stromatolites which are found to be up to a metre high are believed to be hundreds to thousands of years old as they grow at a maximum of 0.3mm per year.

The Hamelin Pool stromatolites are about a half hour drive from Denham. You can get to Denham in a day’s drive or two hour flight from Western Australia’s gateway city, Perth.
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12:56 am

nice puzzle for an easy, a bit different
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That's fascinating, Phil!
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1:15 pm

Ionibelle, did the finches evolve into something beside a bird? I believe in micro-evolution. It is actually just the potential already built into the genome. But genetic variability does not create new kinds of animals. Genetic variability often leads to the loss of genetic information. For instance, if an animal has the potential to have long hair or short hair, natural selection may breed out the potential for long hair in a warm environment, or the potential for short hair may be lost in that kind of animal living in a cold environment. Such micro-evolution almost always indicates a loss of genetic information.
1:34 pm

Those who put their faith in carbon 14 dating to set the age of the earth have misplace their faith. First, carbon 14 has a half life of about 5730 years. Second, it occurs in nature in parts per trillion. Finally, carbon 14 cannot accurately date anything older than about 50 to 100 thousand years because of the accuracy of our measurements (remember, parts per trillion).

What you really meant was radiometric dating methods which date rocks, not fossils.

Regardless, there are several assumptions in all such methods that cannot be proven to be true.

What was the original ratio of parent to daughter element? For instance, since we have been measuring the level of atmospheric carbon 14 its level has varied by almost a factor of 2.

Was the sample being dated undisturbed for the thousands (millions or billions) of years. For instance water flowing over a rock can leach the uranium out leaving the appearance of a much older rock.

Is the rate of nuclear decay constant? Clearly it is not, or we wouldn't have fission bombs and nuclear reactors. However, changing the rate of fission in uranium take special conditions which take us back to my second question. Can we be sure that the sample we are dating was undisturbed, in other words not subject to conditions that could affect the outcome of the radiometric dating method.
1:37 pm

Tuco, I am not a pantheist. God is not all. He transcends his creation. He is in no way dependent on it, rather His creation depends on Him to sustain it.
4:34 pm

easy one - done ng, ng.
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Really fast clicker. 8.
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Nice reasoning, Dr Who.