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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, November 15, 2017

12:11 am

done. ng,ng.
12:13 am

Done, no green.
12:15 am

5:15 am

Diane thats because islam isnt a mental illness.
5:18 am

Mass shooters in the U.S. are majority white Christian.
5:20 am

5:20 am

Is it now too soon again? I get confused.
5:54 am

6:23 am

Keep on 'em, tuco.
7:40 am

7:41 am

(commentary on the PUZZLE not the political discussions)
7:49 am

claiming Christianity while going directly against its main teaching by picking the violent bits isn't any fairer than claiming Islam and going against its main teachings by picking the violent bits. violence can always be justified by those who are bent on it. I think anyone willing to kill someone other than defensively is mentally ill. either psychotic, psychopathic or sociopathic. but now what? what are the solutions that have a chance of being adopted?
8:24 am

"mass shooters are a majority white christian"? lol, some people drink the kool aid and are too stupid to research.

Of course the main difference between alleged Christian mass shooters (hint, they don't exist) and Islamic mass shooters, one cites their holy book as the reason they're doing it, and one completely contradicts their holy book in doing it.
8:45 am

The majority of mass shooters in the U.S. are White Male Christians. Now if you are talking about terrorists in Europe or elsewhere than you have to look at the majority being Islamic because they have stricter gun laws in Europe therefore less mass shootings. Now 1Hammer bringing Radical Islamic Terrorism into the gun control debate is an example of Whataboutism. And once again you are insulting so unless you want to back up your claim of majority of mass shooters being liberal with facts then stop accusing people of "drinking the kool aid and are too stupid to research" You make yourself look like you are using projection and putting forth a false narrative.
8:48 am
8:50 am

You may not be able to get to that site. It may require a login Here is the "About" About This Statistic

The statistic shows the number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and 2017, by race and ethnicity of the shooter(s). Between 1982 and October 2017, 51 out of 90 mass shootings were initiated by White shooters. The Las Vegas strip massacre in 2017 had the highest number of victims between 1982 and 2017, with 58 people killed, and over 500 injured.
9:31 am

9:37 am

9:43 am

EZPZ 10.
9:58 am

Wow, I didn't know the guy in vegas and the guy in texas were christians.
9:58 am

I knew thy were white and male, but professing christians?
9:58 am

But tuco said it so it must be true
9:59 am

zzzzzzzzzzz - comment on the puzzle and the commentary (including myself)
10:40 am

They are Christian because if they were not it would have been mentioned. As the Texas shooter is described as a militant Atheist and as we only hear about a shooters religion if they are NOT Christian it is not a stretch to assign Christianity to the majority White mass shooters. No Kool-Aid, no snark, just logic.
10:51 am

It really doesn't matter to me what religion or race they are. I was responding to 1Hammer's claim that they were liberal and followed Islam.
10:59 am

So I guess I should have known better KnightTime, that if 1Hammer said it so it must be true. :P
11:04 am

You are correct and I did not dispute when you said most are NOT Islamic. Data show that is correct. However to claim that most are White Male is correct. To say that most are White Male Christians, to me, is incorrect since there is no proof that the shooters at Newtown, Texas, Las Vegas and the other places these horrific tragedies took place were Christians. I agree with you too that the media is quick to point out non-christian shooters, especially islamic shooters.
1:36 pm

Done ands all caught up