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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, November 12, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, November 12, 2017

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Done, no green.
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Done. ng, ng.
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5:08 am

One dimensional thinking: "the problem is people not guns. " No sir, people with guns are the problem.
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9:47 am

Phil, the U.S government IS doing what it was paid to do. Public opinion is clear on this. We want something, anything, done. Unfortunately the gun lobby has paid Congress to do nothing except repeat their NRA talking points. Is it still too soon?
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11:11 am

Public opinion only in some parts of the country. The challenge is to get reasonable people from both parties and no party to unite,and then call on and elect politicians who will do their will. Last time I looked, no organizations get to vote. It is OUR responsibility to build a sense of respect and willingness to compromise for the common good. If I only want my "side" to "win", then I am being part of the problem; and that sucks.
1:38 pm

MrO: people with guns were the solution in this last shooting.
1:42 pm

Too soon. As previous discussions have revealed, Tuco and Penguin are responding to the emotion of the situation, not the logic. If they were consistent they would be crusading to outlaw cars. Last year 40,200 people died in automobile accidents. That means on average 110 people a day. That dwarfs deaths by gun violence.
1:58 pm

Angie, the so called gun show loophole is a myth. Private sales of guns in the US are not regulated, but most people selling guns at gun shows are registered firearms dealer who have to go through all the same paper work at a gun show that they do in their store.
2:00 pm

Ionibelle, does anything sound reasonable? Yes and no. I would oppose every one of your suggestions at the federal level. I think it is appropriate for the various states to try whatever they want.
2:12 pm

People with guns.... Crimes committed with guns make headlines, but the fact that around 100,000,000 Americans with guns did not shoot anyone today does not make the news.
3:06 pm

Hey DrWho, I guess the general thinking is that you can do other things with a can travel places. It's pretty limited what you can do with a gun. Just shoot stuff, really. I am very in favour of less people shooting stuff. Particularly shooting other people. Because it seems like your country has a really bad problem with that.
4:15 pm

When I say too soon I am not responding to emotions. I am responding logically. When is it not too soon? Right before the next mass shooting? When the corpses are cold from the last shooting? Tell me drwho, when is it not too soon? The "too soon" trope is an NRA talking point to deflect the conversation.
4:18 pm

Any one who says that calling for gun control after a mass shooting is acting emotionally and therefore not valid is a tool of NRA propaganda.
5:55 pm

Bit slow to start. Then real fast. 10.
8:54 pm

dr. who. I can see the point of having States rather than the Feds do more legislating in general, but I see issues with a product that already has a significant black market. Most guns taken from criminals in Chicago,were originally sold in Indiana. Illinois laws hardly make a difference. Kind of like environmental laws. It is impossible to contain polluted air or water in just one state. The car analogy is interesting. No one has outlawed cars, but legislation and public pressure has made them much, much safer and less polluting.