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Difficulty: Easy Monday, October 2, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Monday, October 2, 2017

12:38 am

Done, had to start over.
12:39 am

Done. Also had to start over.
2:21 am

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5:57 am

Just finished another gun amnesty here in Western Australia, with over 1200 handed in. Can't help but wonder if the US will ever get their act together and realise the folly of their current gun laws, particularly in view of the active shooter in Las Vegas today.
6:07 am

6:40 am

Phil...please, engage your brain before assembling your sef before the keyboard...
6:42 am

Ignorance is far more deadly than ANY gun or drug...IMO.
7:42 am

Phil, I fear that lk911 expresses the blind belief of many that having nearly unlimited weapons somehow makes us safer. The CDC had started collecting data but lobbyists for the gun industry were legally bribed (donations) to stop the CDC from doing so. So the myths of "only a good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun" and similar nonsense sway the political discourse and being in the US is far more dangerous as a result.
7:44 am

Like others I would like a preview/edit feature.

That was intended to state that the lobbyists bribed Congressmen, not that the lobbyists were somehow bribed. The lobbyists were paid well, no doubt. But the lawmakers were bribed (received donations) from those lobbyists.
8:01 am

Unlimited weapons won't make us safer but the premise that a ban on guns will keep them out of the hands of bad guys is a fallacy.
8:08 am

Shyzzy, while you are correct that no law will absolutely prevent bad guys from getting guns, there is a pretty clear correlation between more guns and more mass shootings.\nournal_club/2016/02/02/study_of_171_countries\n_finds_link_between_public_mass_shootings_and\n_gun_ownership_109526.html

And remove any \n instances as usual.
8:20 am

But the counter point to that is you can't determine what's been stopped by "good guys" with guns either.
8:21 am

My personal take is that we (USA) place our attention on the wrong parts of gun laws. I think there are more than a few ways we can alleviate this without alienating something that I personally use as a form of entertainment.
8:26 am

To take that thought to it's full extent if it can be proven unequivocally that a ban on guns would cure all the ails, with some way to fairly compensate dollars spent then i'd be good. But I don't think either of those things can be done here.
8:28 am

This says it all. We are lost. This will never be solved. We are a violent, hateful, racist, greedy society with no will to change this and too many opposed to changing it. We may as well just resign ourselves to that.
8:35 am

Shyzzy are you aware that the FDA, HHH, and any other government agencies are banned from keeping statistics on gun violence? That manufacturers are protected from liability laws suits if their products cause harm? I understand that you are a responsible gun owner. No one will ever take your guns away in this country. We would like to see universal background checks. Mental health evaluations (note from doctor), gun safety course completion, criminal background checks, no guns for domestic abusers etc. But that is too much for the NRA and the manufacturer lobby. This is why I don't believe anything will be done.
8:40 am

Sorry for repeating any of Penguin's points. Didn't scroll down before typing.
8:42 am

And lk911 kind of being Captain Obvious in your jab at Phil. Aren't you the one who posted about going to the range and firing off a bunch of rounds with your AR-15? If not I apologize.
8:45 am

Tuco, thank you for that disheartening link. Important to know. That yesterday's mass shooting in Lawrence KS, three killed and at least five wounded, doesn't make the headlines says a lot about how frequent such mass shootings have become. We are numb to them until the number killed is quite large. Too many to mourn.
8:53 am

More mass shootings this year than days have gone by this year. As POTUS would tweet. SAD.
8:57 am

Puerto Rico is an island, surrounded by water, big water, ocean water. <--- That statement alone should trigger the 25th Amendment Section 4 into action.
3:56 pm

According to MADD teen alcohol use kills 4300 people
in the US every year. When gun opponents demonstrably
support prohibition, I will support them.
4:04 pm

Hear ye, hear ye, tuco.
4:07 pm

Gun proponents first need to lead the vanguard to establish shooting classes for anyone seeking to purchase a gun. if you shoot a firearm, without FOID & receipt for your gun, automatic life sentence. OH & don
4:08 pm

't stick them with the murders, drug runners, etc. Let them have their own facility
4:12 pm

I guess the death penalty for DUI offenders fits into
logic, HelenKeller?
4:23 pm

What I find disturbing about the anti 2nd amendment crowd
is the hypocrisy of their logic. They do not care that a child
or another person dies. They only care if the person dies
from a gunshot wound. Literally thousands of people in
this country are slaughtered on the road annually because
some knucklehead drinks and drives. But there is no effort
to ban alcohol. NONE. Hillary Clinton never speaks out about
the availability of alcohol. And in addition to DUI, think of
the billions of dollars spent in healthcare cost due to
alcohol and tobacco. Problems easily solved by banning them
and putting draconian penalties on them for possession.
But that doesn't fit the liberal narrative - guns do.
4:30 pm

This is anecdotal so it is nothing to base policy on, but I
know hundreds of gun owners. As far as I can remember
gun ownership never wrecked these families, never caused
a spouse to cheat. Never killed a child. At the same time,
I grew up with family (dad, uncle, grandad, cousins) who
were/are alcoholics. The misery and destruction these
people caused still persists today. I HATE what it did to my
extended family. Yet people still insist on repealing the
Second Amendment. Let's do that only if we reinstate the
18th amendment.
4:37 pm

The three leading causes of preventable death in the US:
1. Tobacco use
2. Diet and lack of exercise
3. Alcohol
This per the NIH Alcohol and Alochol abuse website.
5:14 pm

Yes, KnightTime, I would put all murdering alcoholics in their own jail also.
5:14 pm

5:14 pm

5:15 pm

It's way past time for not just 'harsher' penalties, but the 'harshest' penalties of all.
5:16 pm

everyone's heard the warnings, now lets get down to serious business.
5:18 pm