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Difficulty: Expert Sunday, September 3, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, September 3, 2017

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done now
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Done. 1 guess.
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done second guess
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Done, 7 guesses
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yesterday: 1 guess
6:25 am

Mr O, I am going to assume you have read Hikaru no Go because of your avatar. That manga turned me on to the game. I was aware of it through Trevanian's novel Shibumi but didn't think of playing it until my kids started watching DragonBall and I started reading Toriyama's mangas. Through that I came across Hikaru no Go on a manga web site and was hooked. It made me want to learn the game and play. Never got that good. It is discouraging to be destroyed by 8 year old kids who have been playing most of their sentient lives. :-)
6:29 am

I would also rate Hikaru no Go as probably one of the best mangas I have read. Wonderful art work and a strong and at times emotional story.
6:34 am

I was aware of the game of Go through Trevanian not Hikaru. The chapter titles are all Go terms and the game is mentioned in the novel.
6:42 am

@tuco, yes I know Hikaru no Go. I was president of the Dutch Go Association in the years this manga appeared nd in sone scene the top Dutch player Frank (also his real name then) called the president of the Dutch Go Association Mister Ooijer. Not my real name. It was a logical nick name then, and I still play occasionally on the Kiseido Go server using that name.

Umezawa, a young Japanese professional player was the advisor of the manga, she visited our country in 1999 and we had dinner with her and a couple of friends - an old blog of mine still has the story -\n001.html
7:03 am

all roads lead to contradictions. Restart. Later.
7:04 am

So Mr O, what is it like to be this famous? :-) I was reading that blog before I posted. Looked like a lot of fun in 1999. I am still amazed by people who can play at that level. I used to think that AI would never get good enough to defeat a human. Obviously that opinion has been destroyed. It was a sad day for me. When I started playing, as bad as I am, I could beat the Go programs pretty consistently. Not anymore. I used to work writing neural networks and adapting them for different uses. I am not so sure they should be used for things like facial recognition when targeting weapons on humans or defeating the best Go player in the world. ;-)
7:46 am

Way easier than I expected for an expert, or I just got lucky on my first guess!
9:33 pm